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Iran develops oil export

Posted by the Editor on May 2, 2013

News / 2 May 2013 | 12:33

Iran develops oil export

Iran develops oil export

In 2013, Iran’s oil exports are to be brought up to $ 59 billion from last year’s $ 42 billion, deputy head of the Trade Promotion Organization for Commercial Aids Kyumars Kermanshahi told economic conference, ForUm correspondent reports. At the same time, imports should remain at the level of 2012 – about $ 53 billion.
“In the past year, which was declared as the year of domestic production support, imports ensured the operation of the domestic enterprises, which manufactured export-oriented products. In 2013, this policy will be continued,” the official said.
According to him, oil exports last year gave about 70% of foreign exchange, spent on imports. “We have every reason to hope that in 2013, oil exports will exceed imports, and our trade balance thus will become positive,” the expert stressed.
Head of the Trade Promotion Organization Hamid Safdel added that in the current year it is planned to expand commodity exchange with the countries of the region on a barter basis and focus on Russian, Chinese and Indian markets. According to the economist, the efforts of the Organization are directed at reducing commodity exports and increase in supply of finished products. In addition, it is expected to add new goods to the export basket.


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