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Azarov offers pass law on internal trade

Posted by the Editor on January 31, 2013

News / 31 January 2013 | 15:49

Azarov offers pass law on internal trade

Azarov offers pass law on internal trade

Clear rules of internal trade should be worked out in Ukraine, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said at the meeting with representatives of public organizations and experts to discuss the draft law on domestic trade, ForUm correspondent reports.
“There is an urgent need to establish clear and transparent common rules for all participants in the internal trade. The need relates both to the representatives of trade and suppliers,” he said.
The PM said that, unfortunately, the “good intentions are often face resistance of people, who are satisfied the situation.”
“So it is much easier to negotiate with certain lobbying groups and block the adoption of the bill, rather than to find a common language with the government, to develop trade-offs and pass the bill, setting clear and transparent rules,” Azarov said.
He also said that if France managed to adopt such a document 200 years ago, “it’s probably time for us to do it.”


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