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Russian plane crash killed four people

Posted by the Editor on December 31, 2012

News / 31 December 2012 | 13:45

Russian plane crash killed four people

Russian plane crash killed four people

Four crew were killed when a Russian airliner crashed into a motorway and broke up into three pieces after overshooting the runway at an international Moscow airport.
The Red Wings Airlines Russian-made Tu-204 jet – empty of passengers and carrying just its eight crew on a return trip from the Czech Republic – caught fire after crashing through the perimeter fence of Vnukovo airport in the west of the city.
According to the Emergencies Ministry of Russia, four people were killed, including commander Shmelev, copilot Astashenkov, flight engineer Fisenko and stewardess Zhigalina, and four more were injured.
According to the preliminary data, the accident was cause by a technical failure of the aircraft, as well as severe weather conditions.


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