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Court bans protest actions in Kyiv

Posted by the Editor on November 30, 2011

News / 30 November 2011 | 15:01

Court bans protest actions in Kyiv

Court bans protest actions in Kyiv

Kyiv District Administrative Court has banned a number of political and public organizations, including Chernobyl liquidators to hold protests in central Kyiv.

As ForUm correspondent reports, the copy of the decision was demonstrated to journalists by a representative of Kharkiv Chernobyl organization Petro Prokopenko.

Motivating the decision the judge of the Kyiv District Administrative Court Mr. Ablov declared that Kyiv is a European capital, that’s why mass actions are prohibited in the center of the city.

Therefore, the retired disabled will hold their main events in the regions, primarily in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. Meanwhile, disabled people of other groups, including participants in the former Soviet Union’s Afghan campaign, will join the protests, according to a representative of the public fund of Chornobyl invalids, Viacheslav Baranyk.

Despite the court decision several hundreds of Chernobyl liquidators have gathered in front of the Cabinet’s building.


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