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Yanukovych may veto the draft bill on parliamentary elections

Posted by the Editor on October 31, 2011

News / 31 October 2011 | 17:15

Yanukovych may veto the draft bill on parliamentary elections

Yanukovych may veto the draft bill on parliamentary elections

The draft bill on parliamentary elections, submitted by the majority, has a number of unconstitutional paragraphs and will be vetoed by the President if adopted as it is, President’s aid on constitutional and legal modernization Marina Stavnichuk said at parliamentary committees’ hearings.

She specified that the draft bill from the majority contains serious flaws, which ‘may cost the state too much – illegitimacy of the future parliament.’

Stavnichuk pointed out that the paragraph on the right to run for both multi-member electoral district and single mandate electoral district simultaneously was recognized unconstitutional by the Constitution Count of Ukraine in 1998.

The official also named as unconstitutional the paragraph on prohibition for electors, voting abroad, to vote for candidates from majoritarian districts.

Stavnichuk criticized the proposition to set different terms for nomination and registration of candidates in multi-member and single mandate electoral districts. According to her, this matter was also considered by the Constitution Court and recognized unconstitutional.

According to Stavnichuk, the principle of free elections is also violated by such paragraphs of the draft bills as absence of state financing, reduction of the protection level of voting papers, decrease of appeal guarantees of election results.

The president’s aid underlined that a number of procedures, such as formation of electoral districts for example, is not registered in the draft bill at all. According to her, such system creates a possibility for manipulations.

Summing up Stavnichuk said that the parliament still has time to improve the document. Otherwise, it will be vetoed.


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