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Ukrainians do not want to adopt teenagers

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2011

News / 30 September 2011 | 16:37

Ukrainians do not want to adopt teenagers

Ukrainians do not want to adopt teenagers

For the last two years the level of adoption among Ukrainians has reduced, and local authorities are responsible for this, president’s representative on children’s rights Yuri Pavlenko told a press conference, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“We have analyzed the situation and found out that local authorities have not taken all necessary measures to help orphans to find new home. It’s surprising that local authorizes send 3-5 year old children to foster homes, while there are 1651 families waiting for adoption,” Pavlenko said.

He also pointed out that the majority of potential parents want to adopt small and healthy children, but in the national adoption data base 26 thousand children out 28 thousand are older 6 years. “Unfortunately, only 19 families have adopted children older 10 years this year,” Pavlenko said.

As one of the adoption problems Pavlenko named a stereotype in the society that children over 10 years are difficult to educate, that such children have ‘bad’ genes or some psychological disorder. “The majority of diagnoses are untrue,” he assured.

Pavlenko explained that children seem unstable because they find themselves in a foster home atmosphere, not a real family. According to him, even the best foster home, the best director and the best teachers cannot replace parents. “When a child gets into a family, the rehabilitation process passes very fast,” Pavlenko said.


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