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President: Deregulation will promote European standards of doing business in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2011

News / 30 June 2011 | 11:01

President: Deregulation will promote European standards of doing business in Ukraine

President: Deregulation will promote European standards of doing business in Ukraine

President Viktor Yanukovych is confident that the successful completion of deregulation will promote the establishment of modern European standards in Ukraine, he said at a Ukrainian-Mongolian business forum in Kyiv. “I am convinced that deregulation will lead to us achieving European standards of service, including the technical standards that are in the world,” he said.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that international experience in that area is being carefully studied in Ukraine, experts from leading consulting companies of the world are involved in the work of the Committee on Economic Reforms.

He also said that the ongoing administrative reform is aimed at “strategic restructuring of our country to ensure better implementation of the reforms that have begun gaining momentum.”

Viktor Yanukovych stressed deregulation of the economy is aimed at removing obstacles to doing business in Ukraine. He reminded that 12,000 companies providing administrative services and often working corruptly that were “invented by the officials of various levels” have already been eliminated. “The ‘corruption tax’ paid by Ukrainian business is gradually decreasing and will continue to,” Viktor Yanukovych said. “This path [of reforms] is made difficult by the enormous resistance of the bureaucracy.” he added, pointing to the problem of some corrupt officials accustomed to doing business on the state budget trying to abuse democratic slogans.

The Head of State reiterated that the process of reform in Ukraine is irreversible, so is the struggle against corruption. “This process is difficult, painful. This is not a temporary solution, but a continuous work that will be conducted during the modernization of our country,” he said.


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