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Yanukovych in interview with BBC: Ukraine hasn’t been reformed for 20 years

Posted by the Editor on January 28, 2011

News / 28 January 2011 | 17:55

Yanukovych in interview with BBC: Ukraine hasn't been reformed for 20 years

Yanukovych in interview with BBC: Ukraine hasn’t been reformed for 20 years

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych, answering an uncomfortable question about the state of democracy and political freedoms, in an interview to BBC Ukrainian said that the debates about backsliding on democracy in Ukraine are raised by the defenders of the “old corrupt system”.

“I respond to it very simply, I imagine now that there is a struggle between the old system, the corruptive one, and the new, which we now introduce. In this struggle all means are used, I mean, unresolved … This situation is forced by people who had controlled the old bureaucratic system,” Yanukovych stressed, UKRINFORM reported.

“I believe that this process will end soon, I mean, the process of such furious resistance,” he added.

“When there is such a struggle against corruption, restoring order in the country, certainly there is a great resistance of the bureaucracy that attracts the best for it measures, including paying money for the printing of various information in various newspapers around the world,” the president said.

He stressed that he disagrees with allegations that the criminal proceedings now are “selective” – and affect only representatives of the previous government, and dwelt on the example of ex-economy minister Danylyshyn.

“Danylyshyn is not a politician, he has never been engaged in politics. He was a clerk, who dealt with the permissions in the licensing system, he was minister of economy, and he introduced the corruption schemes, and he is prosecuted for that, there is no policy there. He has never been involved in politics, so I do not understand why he had been granted political asylum,” Yanukovych said commenting on granting political asylum to the former minister by the Czech Republic.

“Anyway, someday he will be responsible for these criminal acts,” the president said, recalling that the country “has launch a war on corruption and we need to restore order in the country”.

In the interview the president reviewed the situation in Ukraine during 20 years of independence and repeatedly stated that the reason for the lack of reforms was the dominance of bureaucracy and corruption.

Describing the reforms carried out by his team, Yanukovych confirmed that the main priority of the state remains European integration.

He also expressed confidence that his plans to bring Ukraine by 2020 into the list of the 20 most developed countries are not illusory.

“I am confident that we will achieve this goal. We will strongly work to ensure that the modernization of the country leads to a significant economic upturn, improving people’s lives. And we will seek to ensure that our state be in the top twenty most developed countries of the world,” the president underscored.


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