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October 29 last day of local election campaigning

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2010

News / 29 October 2010 | 14:42

October 29 last day of local election campaigning

October 29 last day of local election campaigning

Friday is the last day of campaigning in the Ukrainian local elections, according to the statement in the schedule of key organizational activities on preparation and holding of local elections, approved by the Central Election Commission, UKRINFORM reports.

Election campaigning ends at 24:00 last Friday before the election day. After that it is prohibited to distribute campaign materials, leaflets, advertisements of political parties or candidates.

Elections of local council deputies will be held on the mixed majority-proportional system (50% of the deputies will be elected on party tickets and 50% from majority districts). Election of village, township and city mayors will proceed under the system of relative majority (elected will be the candidate who received the most votes).

The electoral campaign started on September 11.

Voting will take place October 31 from 8:00 to 22:00. The results should be announced before November 5, inclusive.

According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, in all there will be about 15 thousand local polls in this country on Sunday.


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