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President intends to restore people’s confidence in the authorities

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2010

News / 30 September 2010 | 12:53

President intends to restore people's confidence in the authorities

President intends to restore people’s confidence in the authorities

In his speech at the 3rd International Investment Summit Donbass Investment Destination ‘Public and private partnership within a new economic policy of Ukraine’ the Head of state underlined that these days the country badly needs efficient economic reforms. The reforms have not been conducted for 19 years. Particularly the matter concerns the development of investment constituent of the national economy.

“Ukraine is fed up with endless political fight that lasted for 19 years of independence,” Viktor Yanukovych marked.

The President expressed his opinion that all positive developments, which occurred during the years of the existence of the Ukrainian state, happened “not due to a high level of organization of the authorities work and public management but rather vice versa” owing to initiatives of some employees and citizens.  

“Today for the first time during the years of independence we see stable conditions in this country,” the Head of state stressed noting that the speech goes particularly about work of President, Government and parliamentary coalition as a solid mechanism.

Unfortunately, Viktor Yanukovych stated, the citizens lost confidence in power during the long period of instability. “It is impossible to build a strong state without support of the people. Our task for the time being is to assure the Ukrainian people, world community that Ukraine is able to develop long-term plans and implement them,” the Head of state pointed out and added that the matter concerns our commitments before foreign partners.

The President also expressed his confidence that for efficient development of the state we should, first and foremost, establish order in the country, ensure political, economic, and social stability. “The steps we are making today towards a new economic policy should benefit the people”, the Head of state said.

Viktor Yanukovych also underlined that only under these conditions the citizens will support such state policy. That is why, the President noted, he decided to take part in  this sitting of the International Investment Summit.    

“I would like to listen to the citizens’ initiatives. I would like to listen to your ways of combining the efforts of business and authorities, increase social responsibility before the society. I am ready to be involved in this process together with you,” the Head of state said and added that the matter concerns the steps the power should make today towards business.

“I have the authority to speak about it today for the Ukrainian people. I will always assert national interests of Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens. Today together with you I would like to participate in this dialogue,” the President of Ukraine summed up.


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