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Yanukovych initiates establishing of Presidential staff reserve

Posted by the Editor on June 24, 2010

News / 24 June 2010 | 16:29

Yanukovych initiates establishing of Presidential staff reserve

Yanukovych initiates establishing of Presidential staff reserve

At today’s meeting of the Council of Regions President Viktor Yanukovych suggested creation of the Presidential staff reserve.

“Implementation of reforms declared by us must be reinforced with highly professional staff. To this end I would like to announce elaboration of the program on formation of the Presidential staff reserve,” said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President also added that the Presidential staff reserve should be formed of young people who will be trained to work at all levels.

The Head of State has stressed that draft of relevant Presidential Decree is already prepared and will be signed soon. “We have studied this issue and the way it was solved across the world. I believe that now it is time to pick up the best staff among young people and it is time to trust them. We must involve these young people in government work of all levels. They are future ministers, senior government officials, including presidents and prime ministers. We must create competitive environment, in which senior specialists will be “brought up”,” said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President emphasized that the experience of developed countries demonstrated that such staff reserves “allow forming a “vanguard” of professional managers able to conduct progressive reforms and gather associates around themselves.”

Viktor Yanukovych noted that formation of the Presidential staff reserve includes selecting talented young people, providing them with the best education (and not only at national universities, but the “top” universities of the world) and involving these people in the work at public institutions of different levels.

In addition, he said, the program provides establishing “interview centers” for young professionals of central and local government bodies, successful managers and business specialists, who having passed relevant tests at such centers would be involved in implementing the program of economic reforms at all levels.

The third step of the program provides modernization of advanced training for key government officials of high rank. The President said that this issue is very urgent and it is really crucial to improve specialists’ skills.


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Liovochkin: Ukraine not planning to compete with Belarus in gas supplies to Europe

Posted by the Editor on June 24, 2010

News / 24 June 2010 | 14:45

Liovochkin: Ukraine not planning to compete with Belarus in gas supplies to Europe

Liovochkin: Ukraine not planning to compete with Belarus in gas supplies to Europe

Head of Ukraine’s Presidential Administration Serhiy Liovochkin has said that Ukraine does not set the goal of gaining any economic benefits from the gas conflict between Russia and Belarus.

He described Belarus as a friend and neighbor of Ukraine, and added that in the current situation Ukraine’s goal was not to gain benefits at the expense of “friends and neighbors,” but to secure its reputation as a gas transit country that should, “against the background of this conflict,” ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas through its gas transport system to Europe.

Liovochkin noted that Ukraine was not a competitor of Belarus in gas supplies to Europe, but most likely a competitor with the countries that agreed to build new gas pipelines, including South Stream.



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Tymoshenko: Yanukovych wants to make money on Belarus misfortune

Posted by the Editor on June 24, 2010

News / 24 June 2010 | 12:51

Tymoshenko: Yanukovych wants to make money on Belarus misfortune

Tymoshenko: Yanukovych wants to make money on Belarus misfortune

Declarations about the possible transport of Russian gas via Ukraine rather than Belarus is an attempt to make money from someone else’s misfortune, says Yulia Tymoshenko.

“A country always wants to increase its revenues and profits. But it seems to me that it’s dishonest to make money from the misfortune of neighboring states,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during a press conference in Mykolayiv, commenting on the situation regarding the transit of Russian gas to Europe.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, President Viktor Yanukovych should instead be focusing his efforts on protecting strategic state property. “Better that they [the Yanukovych-Azarov team] leave our gas transport system alone, and not give it away for a joint venture with Gazprom,” she added.

Yulia Tymoshenko claims Ukraine’s reaction to the Belarusian problem demonstrates the morality of the Ukrainian ruling elite. “It seems to me there needs to be a spirit of solidarity between our countries, and this spirit of solidarity will once again demonstrate the Ukrainian president’s morality or lack thereof,” said Yulia Tymoshenko.

As reported, on June 23, Russia’s Gazprom cut gas deliveries to Belarus by 60%. The transit of gas has not been reduced. Today Ukrainian Minister of Fuel and Energy Yuriy Boyko announced that the country is ready to increase gas transit to Europe by 30 billion cubic meters if necessary.


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President speaks of priorities in Ukraine’s foreign policy

Posted by the Editor on June 24, 2010

News / 24 June 2010 | 11:03

President speaks of priorities in Ukraine's foreign policy

President speaks of priorities in Ukraine’s foreign policy

In his remarks at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet, President Viktor Yanukovych told about his view on main tasks of foreign policy of Ukraine.

He reminded that on May 28 the interdepartmental consultative meeting was held under chairmanship of the President of Ukraine dedicated to the state and prospects of negotiations on signing the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, including the provisions on a free trade area.

“I would like to emphasize that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should realize timely and carefully the decisions we have reached at this meeting, which contain practical mechanisms to enhance the negotiation process,” said President Yanukovcyh.

He requested conducting detailed analysis of the situation and taking measures aimed at quickly putting negotiations on the FTA between Ukraine and the EU on a constructive path before the next round of talks scheduled on July 5. “The European Union certainly awaits a positive signal from us,” he said.

Another important foreign policy task, Viktor Yanukovcyh said, is to realize the agreements reached between U.S. President Barack Obama and him in Washington this April. “This first of all concerns the question of handling nuclear materials, realization of the nuclear research projects in Kharkiv and Sevastopol with participation of the American side, and disposal of solid rocket fuel,” he said.

Besides, he said, the government must prepare well for the meeting of Ukrainian-American Commission on Strategic Partnership, scheduled on July 5 this year.

“We must deepen cooperation and intensive dialogue in all areas with Russia, which we managed to revive by moving forward step by step without loosing the tempo set by the Presidents of both countries,” said Viktor Yanukovych emphasizing that all the instructions proceeding from agreements reached during his meetings with his Russian colleague (which they had seven in last four months) must be carried out fully and in accordance with the schedule.

He said that such an approach should be applied to Ukrainian-Kazakh relations, too. “Please speed up the work on practical implementation of the Ukraine-Kazakhstan Action Plan 2010-2011”, he said.

Viktor Yanukovych also requested the Cabinet to strictly follow the instructions he gave after his working visit to Istanbul, which concerned implementation of important agreements reached during that visit.

President Yanukovych addressed those present with the request to start preparations for the visit of the President of Ukraine to the People’s Republic of China scheduled on September 2010. According to him, this visit, initiated by the Chinese leadership, would improve Ukrainian-Chinese bilateral relations and political dialogue between the two sates.

“I am convinced that China is a very important country for us from all points of view, especially from the economic one. And our challenge is to make her our effective strategic partner,” he said.

Viktor Yanukovych drew separate attention of the present to the situation around Government’s steps aimed at providing Ukrainian citizens who reside abroad with international passports. “The Cabinet’s decisions taken to protect the rights of our compatriots abroad became subject to public criticism and accusations,” said the President.

He requested chairmen of the responsible executive authorities to make every effort to check the situation carefully and prevent negative effects of such publicity on the international image of the Government and Ukraine generally.

The President also criticized the Government for delays and inappropriate execution of Presidential instructions to make Ukraine’s foreign policy more economically oriented. “I have emphasized that repeatedly: our embassies and foreign missions should not engage in politics and spread gossips about the country but engage in economic issues and protection of national interests of Ukraine,” he said.

“I would like to remind those present that foreign trade is a system-building factor for economy. Last week I gave orders to the Government to improve state management of trade policy of Ukraine. I will demand their proper execution as soon as possible,” said Viktor Yanukovych.


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