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BYuT, Our Ukraine not going to listen to president’s address to the nation

Posted by the Editor on June 1, 2010

News / 1 June 2010 | 16:32

BYuT, Our Ukraine not going to listen to president's address to the nation

BYuT, Our Ukraine not going to listen to president’s address to the nation

The parliamentary opposition is not planning to be present at Kyiv’s Ukraina Art Palace on June 3, where President Viktor Yanukovych will make an address to the nation.

In particular, For Ukraine! group representative Kseniya Liapina said that her party members were tired of listening to “correct and useful things written by good experts,” with nobody knowing when they will be realized. Instead, For Ukraine! is planning to hold protests during the reading by Yanukovych of the message to the people.

Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT) member Serhiy Sobolev, the head of the shadow cabinet, said that his faction was also not planning to participate in the hearing of Yanukovych’s message. He said that most of the BYuT faction would attend a meeting of the opposition government on Thursday.



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President holding NSDC meeting on domestic and foreign policy

Posted by the Editor on June 1, 2010

News / 1 June 2010 | 14:38

President holding NSDC meeting on domestic and foreign policy

President holding NSDC meeting on domestic and foreign policy

President Viktor Yanukovych held a meeting of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. 

“Today we discuss issues of strategic importance: the draft Law on foundations of domestic and foreign policy. This document should identify key principles and priorities of public policy for a long term.

We must admit that all these years, the issue was not resolved at the legislative level.

I think the legislative initiative on foundations of external and domestic policy is system-formative and regulates policy of the state regardless of the internal political situation. It is very important.

We consider this draft at a NSDC meeting because of the fact that further delay in resolution of this issue poses a threat to national security and national interests of Ukraine,” President Yanukovych said opening the meeting.

According to him, the adoption of this law will finally allow the authorities bringing order to scattered and inconsistent legislation.

The Law on foundations of foreign and domestic policy, he thinks, is the first and vital step towards systemic reforms in all areas of our life.

The proposed bill defines foundations of domestic policy. It provides clear formulation of the principles, on which further reforming of political and social institutions of the state will be based.

Among the priority goals of domestic policy is achieving social consensus, broad internal dialogue and social-political stability.

The foundations of internal policy impose certain obligations on public authorities, which is very important, the president claims.

“In the draft we clearly identify the highest priority of strategic European integration course of Ukraine. This is the primary vector of our development, which determines the content of social transformation and basic orientation of our foreign and domestic policy,” he said.

Yanukovych also mentioned that the next position in the foreign policy part is strategic partnership with Russia. Strategic relations with the U.S. have been and remain important direction of the country’s foreign policy. It is also fundamentally important to deepen the development of relations with countries known as developing new global centers of growth.

“In the defense and security sector we must provide adequate defense capability and the possibility of cooperation in this field with European and Atlantic structures.

I suggest, dear colleagues, that we discuss this very important bill, and after our discussion and consideration of suggestions the draft bill will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a legislative initiative of the President of Ukraine and will be defined as urgent for it to be considered by the Parliament extraordinarily.

So I invite you to dialogue and would like you to express your views,” he said in his speech.

Having examined the draft Law “On Foundations of Domestic and Foreign Policy” the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine unanimously decided to:

  • support the draft law “On Foundations of Domestic and Foreign Policy”
  • recommend the President of Ukraine to submit the draft Law to the Parliament as urgent
  • instruct Chief of Presidential Administration Staff Serhiy Lyovochkin and Minister of Justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych to advocate this bill in the Parliament of Ukraine 
  • assign Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov to present the draft Law “On Foundations of Domestic and Foreign Policy” in the Verkhovna Rada on behalf of the President of Ukraine.

After the meeting, President Yanukovych has immediately signed the draft bill into President’s Legislative Initiative and submitted it to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


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NATO satisfied multinational exercises will take place in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on June 1, 2010

News / 1 June 2010 | 12:49

NATO satisfied multinational exercises will take place in Ukraine

NATO satisfied multinational exercises will take place in Ukraine

NATO’s Assistant Secretary General Dirk Brengelmann has said in a phone conversation with Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Yeliseyev that he praises the Ukrainian parliament’s decision to allow the military units of foreign states into Ukraine to participate in multinational military exercises in 2010, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s press service informed.

On May 18 the Verkhovna Rada adopted President Viktor Yanukovych’s bill authorizing the holding of such international exercises in Ukraine, in which the military units of NATO member states will also participate.

The Defense Ministry estimated the holding of international military exercises on Ukrainian soil in 2010 at UAH 18.3 million (UAH 7.93 / USD 1).

The law foresees the holding of the Maple Arch 2010 Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian-Canadian exercises, the Barrier 2010 and Light Avalanche 2010 multinational exercises, the Slavs for Peace 2010 Ukrainian-Slovak drills, Ukrainian-Romanian and Ukrainian-Belarusian exercises, the Cossack Steppe 2010 multinational exercises, as well as the Sea Breeze 2010 and Rapid Trident 2010 Ukrainian-U.S. drills.

Admission to Ukraine was allowed to the military units of 16 states, including Russia, Belarus, Romania, Germany, Greece, Canada, the United States, Poland, Bulgaria, Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, Georgia, etc.



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New bill on Ukrainian juridical system presented and submitted by justice minister

Posted by the Editor on June 1, 2010

News / 1 June 2010 | 10:54

New bill on Ukrainian juridical system presented and submitted by justice minister

New bill on Ukrainian juridical system presented and submitted by justice minister

President Viktor Yanukovych took part in a meeting of the Working Group on Judiciary Reform. At the meeting Minister of Justice Olexander Lavrynovych pressented the Draft Bill “On Ukrainian Judiciary and the Status of Judges”.

Opening the meeting President Yanukovych said that the draft bill is aimed at making judiciary more open to people and ensuring that it is more professional and defends human rights better, presidential press office reported.

From his part, Minister Lavrynovych said that at last the long work on preparation of the bill is complete. “Today we are to consider results of our common work on the new Law on Judiciary of Ukraine, which also contains a package of alterations to other laws. In particular, these are alterations to all four procedural codes, the laws “On the High Council of Justice”, “On Remuneration of Labor” and several others that are relevant to the new law on judiciary,” he said.

Speaking about main tasks and objectives of this reform, Oleksandr Lavrynovych said that it must improve access of citizens to the judiciary. According to him, this could be achieved without altering the system of first instance courts, which according to procedural code, have the authority to consider cases of different jurisdiction. “These are cases, primarily in the field of administrative justice, that until now were considered only in specialized district courts,” he said.

According to Minister Lavrynovych, the reform also had a goal to overcome trial litigations and the problems with violation of reasonable terms for consideration of cases, Ukraine has in the European Court of Human Rights.

“Our suggestions, we present today, are to be reflected in all procedural codes and in the law itself. They apply to the time in which complaints are to be considered, reducing it to 30 days, and also provide abandoning the practice, when cases were submitted for a new trial in a first instance court, if the appellate court canceled the decision. Similarly, we propose banning re-cassation in Ukraine. Thus, we make substantial steps to ensure that judicial decisions are adopted within reasonable time and are constant,” said Minister Lavrynovych.

“We had a long debate about what the judicial system should be like and our final decision was a compromise that allows significant improvement of the system without major changes in the system of first instance or appellate courts.

The changes modify only the system of third instance courts and by creating one high specialized court, which would consider civil and criminal cases as a cassation court, we make the whole system equal – the first instance, appellate level and High Cessation Court all work in all jurisdictions. At the same time, the Supreme Court, as judicial body of the highest authority, has all the powers to ensure unity of judicial practice,” said Oleksandr Lavrynovych.

“I will fulfill my duty and in response to your suggestion I’m going to submit this bill as urgent for its further consideration by the Verkhovna Rada,” said the President in his turn.

Yanukovych emphasized that elaboration of this bill was aimed, above all, at building balanced, effective, independent judiciary in Ukraine.

“We strengthened judicial self-government and significantly reduced the impact of centralization and administrative pressure on judges,” he said, reminding that while preparing the bill the experts examined modern European judicial system that meets the highest standards of human rights protection. Cooperation with the Venice Commission has proven that we had chosen the right path, said Viktor Yanukovych.

“I believe that this bill may be considered as base and can be voted. And then we will see if there are any flaws, or maybe there is something we did not take into account, and there is an opportunity to correct it together with lawmakers,” noted the President. He also stressed that he understands that the bill deprives him of some authorities and accepts that.

“I hope we all will see this system working already this year,” said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President thanked those present for effective cooperation and fruitful work on the bill, which he praised as well balanced.


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