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Opposition insists on heading parliamentary committees

Posted by the Editor on March 31, 2010

News / 31 March 2010 | 18:14

Opposition insists on heading parliamentary committees

Opposition insists on heading parliamentary committees

The united democratic coalition is urging the ruling government to give it the parliamentary committees it has the right to chair according to the law on parliamentary procedures.

“We’re asking the majority in the hall to please stick to the law. Give the opposition the rights it has. After all, you gained power in an illegal and unconstitutional way. Today you’re also trying to illegally deny the opposition the ability to control the government,” BYuT deputy Oleh Liashko said today.

He stressed that according to article 84 of the law on parliamentary regulations, the opposition should be given the committees on budget, rules on parliamentary procedure, justice, freedom of speech and information, and a number of other key committees.

Oleh Liashko also announced that “yesterday, most factions didn’t agree to comply with the law and give the opposition a real chance to control and monitor the government.”

“If the government we have today is even afraid of giving the opposition functions so that it can control the government, then you can’t call this government democratic,” said the parliamentarian.

He noted that BYuT is insisting that the law be adhered to and cautioned against violating it.


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