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President holding meeting of working group on judicial reform

Posted by the Editor on March 25, 2010

News / 25 March 2010 | 18:13

President holding meeting of working group on judicial reform

President holding meeting of working group on judicial reform

President Viktor Yanukovych took part as a chairman in a meeting of the working group on judicial reform, presidential press office reported.

Opening the meeting Viktor Yanukovych noted that implementation of judicial reform has actually stopped. As the result, the work of Ukrainian judiciary system causes dissatisfaction in both the society and our foreign partners working in Ukraine.

According to President Yanukovych, main reasons for that have been the lack of persistence in the officials responsible for implementation of the reform, absence of a unified concept, politicization of the process, and corruption in the process.

“I believe that all those gathered around this table would agree with this point of view. The problem we are currently discussing concerns each of us individually and all of us together. We must stop this humiliation of the state and this approach to judiciary system. It’s time to act. I initiated the establishment of this group for us to jointly examine a concept of judicial reform in Ukraine and suggest to the Parliament to work out a relevant law in accordance with that concept”, said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President emphasized that during the preparation of the concept it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as international experience, current state of the country, its unitary property, governance structure, etc.

Viktor Yanukovych also noted that appropriate consultations with the Venice Commission should be conducted to obtain its recommendations.

“Ukraine has obligations concerning adapting Ukrainian legislation to European standards. The relevant working group is functioning, we are gradually moving forward. It is important that we completed this reform, passed most of the laws on reforming the judicial system by the end of this session of the Parliament, i.e. in the first half of this year”, said Viktor Yanukovych.

President Yanukovych said that in his opinion it is now necessary to determine the order of priority in decision-making and the target of justice system reform.

“We will do everything to unite as many MPs, representatives of all political forces in the Parliament as we can around the implementation of this reform. It is very important “, said President Yanukovych.

The President of Ukraine instructed the working group to prepare necessary materials, compile suggestions and evaluate the time framework in a one-week term and after the next meeting get to practical work.


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Russia explained what the gas price will depend on

Posted by the Editor on March 25, 2010

News / 25 March 2010 | 16:38

Russia explained what the gas price will depend on

Russia explained what the gas price will depend on

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov and Gazprom head Alexey Miller have discussed today the fulfillment of long-term gas supply and transit contracts, as well as the cooperation development prospects in gas area.

In particular, the matter concerned the need to fill in the Ukrainian gas storages with sufficient volume of gas to provide in the autumn-winter 2010-2011 season a stable transit of Russian gas to Europe and supply to Ukrainian consumers.

According to Miller, the gas price for Ukraine will also depend on the volumes of gas purchased.

“Miller and Azarov underlined the importance of cooperation between the parties in a constructive manner,” the Gazprom press office said in a statement today.


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Yanukovych: We have to develop our own "Ukrainian initiative" to shape new security architecture in Europe

Posted by the Editor on March 25, 2010

Analytics / 25 March 2010 | 18:12

Yanukovych: We have to develop our own "Ukrainian initiative" to shape new security architecture in Europe

Yanukovych: We have to develop our own "Ukrainian initiative" to shape new security architecture in Europe

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych took part in celebrating the 18th anniversary of the Security Service of Ukraine, held at the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine”.

The President congratulated servicemen and veterans of the Security Service present in the hall on the occasion of their professional holiday.

In his speech Viktor Yanukovych said:

This solemn moment I primarily would like to address veterans and experienced professionals of the Service, who laid the foundations for national intelligence, ensured continuity of operational traditions of the officers.

I am sure that the most professional and efficient workers from among the young officers, whom I see quite a lot in the hall, will benefit from new promotion system.

I am convinced that the role and importance of the Service in ensuring the national security should be significantly increased.

I mean all the elements of national security, such as foreign, defense, social, economic, energy, food, environmental and information policies.

Developments in the world of the last two to three years revealed a number of problems that present direct threat to the national security of Ukraine.

First, the lack of mechanisms to support sustainable development of national economy and ensure economic sovereignty during the economic crisis became an apparent threat.

The economic crisis has proved that present level of national economic security of Ukraine is unsatisfactory.

Herewith, the main threats are largely of internal nature.

Among the main flaws of national economy remain structural imbalances, high energy consumption industries, undeveloped financial infrastructure and lack of domestic sources of financing.

This makes Ukraine an accessible subject to external economic influences. We witnessed it on our own.

Second, the growth of global instability and conflicts in international relations brought to the fore the problem of the country’s defense capability.

First of all, we need to clarify and, perhaps, revise our understanding of the threats to the military security of Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, the Military Doctrine should retain defensive nature. Being a peacemaker-country, Ukraine can not have another.

We understand well that we should clearly define ways of organizing systems of military defense against any military aggression.

The principle of sufficient defense capacity should be the core of a new Military Doctrine.

In practice this means a gradual transition to professional army, development of new weapons systems, primarily rocket forces and air defense systems, improving management systems of the Armed Forces.

At the same time the Military Doctrine of Ukraine should respond to political, economic, social, informational and ecological challenges.

Only in this case it will meet requirements of the present standards.

Third, ineffectiveness of the strategy of accelerated membership in NATO is apparent, since Ukraine is de facto non-aligned.

We need to develop qualitatively new approaches to ensure the proper status for Ukraine in the system of global and regional security.

We are aware that today Ukraine should not choose from collective security systems that exist on the continent.

Any decision will only aggravate threats to our national security and lead to increased tensions in international relations.

This will stimulate the growth of political and social tensions within the country, as we have seen it during recent years, and might provoke a change in the balance of the forces in Europe.

Ukraine, being a responsible member of international relations, will seek other approaches to ensure national security and interaction with existing military-political structures.

Today our choice is the closest cooperation without integration.

This is the only principle to be applied in Ukraine regarding all existing systems of collective security.

At the same time, Ukraine’s neutral status doesn’t mean dissociation from the process of stabilization in Europe.

Ukraine should actively join discussions about developing a new European security policy.

Considering the European integration strategy of Ukraine, we should more thoroughly study the EU approach to reduce tensions on the continent.

We need to develop our own “Ukrainian initiative” to shape a new security architecture in Europe.

This is a new idea of security in Europe focused on new challenges that involves not only the EU countries, but also their nearest neighbors and partners, in particular, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

I hope that the Security Service will actively participate in all areas of work.

However, I see your mission in combating the global and domestic threats, since you are a special task law enforcement authority.

They are: total corruption of public administration, encroachment on the strategic economic potential of our country, state sovereignty and territorial integrity, international terrorism and transnational crime, systematic smuggling and disruptive activities of foreign intelligence.

These in my opinion are priorities and primary tasks for the Security Service.

I believe that Security Service personnel can effectively work to face strategic challenges in restoring effective state governance that adequately responds to the demands of society and every citizen.

I see you as highly intellectual and sharp tool that can protect the interests of Ukraine.

Therefore, I’m putting on your leadership enhanced personal responsibility for guaranteeing the rule of law, combating crime and any infringement on state sovereignty in the country, any of its regions or area of work.

I will personally supervise the issue of financing and logistical support to the Service, the appropriate legal and social status of the Security Service personnel.

Being the Supreme Commander in Chief, I will do all necessary to provide you with appropriate conditions to carry out the state tasks, which are of national interests.

I will also initiate as soon as possible the adoption of new laws that are to improve work of law enforcement system and provide you with the necessary capabilities to fight crime and assault on state sovereignty.

I wish luck in operational activity to every officer.

May fate be favorable to you and your beloved ones, generous with good health, happiness, kindness and family well-being, and may your children and family be always proud of you!

I also have a pleasant mission to confer State Decorations of the President of Ukraine to the best servicemen of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Thank you!


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Yanukovych: Ukraine should review its military policy

Posted by the Editor on March 25, 2010

News / 25 March 2010 | 14:35

Yanukovych: Ukraine should review its military policy

Yanukovych: Ukraine should review its military policy

President Viktor Yanukovych considers a strategy of Ukraine’s hasty accession to NATO ineffective, the head of state said this in a speech Thursday at the Ukrainian Palace on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the formation of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

In his opinion, our state should not make a choice for one of the collective security systems, existing on the continent. Any decision on this matter can enhance the threat to our national security and lead to higher tensions in international relations, Yanukovych stressed, UKRINFORM reported.

“Ukraine will seek other approaches to national security and interaction with existing military organizations,” the President said adding that for today our choice is the closest possible cooperation without integration.

“This is the only principle that Ukraine will apply to all existing systems of collective security. Ukraine is de facto a non-aligned state,” he said.

At the same time, he noted that the non-aligned status of Ukraine does not mean self-elimination from the process of stabilizing the situation on the European continent.

“Our government will be actively engaged in discussions about a new European security policy. We need to elaborate our own initiatives to create security architecture. The question is about a new security model in Europe,” the Ukrainian President underscored.


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BYuT local council deputies going into opposition

Posted by the Editor on March 25, 2010

News / 25 March 2010 | 12:48

BYuT local council deputies going into opposition

Local council deputies from BYuT have responded to opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal and announced they are going into opposition.

The decision was adopted during a general meeting of BYuT local council deputies in the Kharkiv oblast, Tymoshenko’s official website reported.

“After just a few weeks in power, the new government team headed by Viktor Yanukovych has shown how it plans to govern Ukraine, fulfill its promises to the voters, respect the Constitution and universal values such as honesty, dignity and honor,” says the statement from the oblast branch of Batkivshchyna.

The members of BYuT believe the new parliamentary coalition and government were created through a “constitutional coup, and massive ‘buying’ of deputies.” “From the very first days of this anti-Ukrainian government led by Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, freedom of speech is being restricted and people are being wrongly dismissed for not showing loyalty to the new leadership. Instead of increasing social welfare, as they had promised, the new government is already talking about drastic reductions in social spending and increasing tariffs.

“The patriotic forces in our country have already begun to form a powerful and united democratic opposition movement. On March 16, a united parliamentary opposition was formed in the Verkhovna Rada by eight parliamentary parties and 175 deputies. We are confident that in a short while Ukraine will have a strong opposition of democratic and patriotic forces, and then we will be able to preserve the democratic gains and prevent the country from sliding into a totalitarian abyss,” says the statement.

BYuT’s local council deputies announced that they are going into opposition against the executive government formed by Viktor Yanukovych, and called on all local council deputies from the democratic forces to join the fight to defend Ukraine and its democratic future. “Today we must strengthen our unity and work together to protect Ukraine. And for the sake of this we are proposing not confrontation, but constructive dialogue. This is the only way we can return Ukraine to a democratic and European course of development,” stressed the BYuT deputies from Kharkiv.

BYuT deputies in the Sumy city council also announced their move into opposition to the ruling government on March 24.


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President instructs elaboration of investment program of Euro 2012 financing

Posted by the Editor on March 25, 2010

News / 25 March 2010 | 11:01

President instructs elaboration of investment program of Euro 2012 financing

President Viktor Yanukovych held a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister for Euro-2012 Borys Kolesnikov. At the meeting sides have discussed preparation to holding Euro 2012 finals in Ukraine.

The President informed that he plans to hold a coordination meeting on preparation for Euro 2012 within the framework of which, in particular, financing of the relevant program would be discussed.

“There is much talk that we will be funding Euro-2012 from the state budget. I would like you to offer an investment program and find the possibilities of taking loans to finance this important public event”, said Viktor Yanukovych, presidential press office reported.

The President said that he is well aware that the state is off schedule in the preparation events and therefore is forced to take extraordinary measures to speed up construction of stadiums, roads, hotels and the whole infrastructure in general.

From his part Borys Kolesnikov said that the Government delegation has tudied the situation in the cities that will host Euro 2012, and that experts will provide detailed and objective assessment of the state of affairs in the field very soon.

The Vice Prime Minister also said that in order to create the appropriate investment climate, the Government has addressed the Verkhovna Rada with the suggestion to approve a bill that would provide companies willing to invest money in building hotels with benefits.

“We suggest introducing zero tax rate for those hotels that are already functioning and to those being built in Ukraine to host Euro 2012 guests, at least for 10 years”, said Borys Kolesnikov.

He has also informed the President about other possibilities of raising funds to prepare for Euro 2012, particularly issuing bonds and introduction of a national lottery scheduled on September 1 to provide additional source of funds for Euro 2012 projects.

Borys Kolesnikov also informed that there is a roundtable of international hotel brands scheduled to be held in April in Kiev, at which hotel business in Ukraine would be discussed.

President Yanukovych said that he gives Borys Kolesnikov all the powers for him to fulfill the very important task of preparation for Euro 2012.

From his part Vice Prime Minister Kolesnikov assured President Yanukovych that the Government would do everything necessary for Euro 2012 to be held in Ukraine on the proper level.   


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