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Yanukovych promises to strengthen democracy in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on January 6, 2010

News / 6 January 2010 | 17:45

Yanukovych promises to strengthen democracy in Ukraine

“Ukraine will be a real democratic state”, Viktor Yanukovych, presidential candidate, pointed out during his meeting with  Russian journalists. He underlined that democracy is a part of the civil society, which will be definitely established in Ukraine. There is no other way for our country, he said.

“Democracy means human rights, the supremacy of law, and freedom of speech. If there is no democracy, investments will not come. I do not stand dictatorship. I consider it the ugliest display of authoritarianism. When some politicians use the word ‘dictatorship’ in any context, I think these are very irresponsible and even criminal statements”, Viktor Yanukovych pointed out, according to his official website.


4 Responses to “Yanukovych promises to strengthen democracy in Ukraine”

  1. democracyAtwork said

    Hear hear. Now he needs to out this statement into action.

    We already know that Yushchenko espouses the words of democracy yet his actions and policies are anything but democratic. Yushchenko failed Ukraine and I guess Yanukovych will now b given a chance to prove Yushenko wrong.

  2. Gene Nelson said

    Under Yanu, corruption will increase, Ukraine’s assets will be disbursed at bargain basement prices benefitting his oligarchs and Russians and there will be more attacks against a free press. He is ruthless enough to be worse than Kuchma. He will definitely move into Russia’s sphere of influence as no one in the West will be interested in him.

  3. Global sphere of influence said

    Gene not sure on what basis you can claims that. Are you saying that the US sphere of influence is OK but not Russia’s?

  4. Anyone but Yushchenko said

    And who do you think is to blame for Yanukovych political revival? He could not be less democratic then Yushchenko. Time will tell as the odds are he will be Ukraine/s next President Yanukovych has had a free run to the finish line thanks to Yushchenko who has been campaigning against Tymoshenko not Yanukovych

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