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New York pays tribute to Holodomor victims in Ukraine, Hollywood shoots a movie

Posted by the Editor on November 27, 2009

News / 27 November 2009 | 11:01

New York pays tribute to Holodomor victims in Ukraine, Hollywood shoots a movie

A traditional annual requiem for the Ukrainian Holodomor Remembrance Day (Great Famine 1932-1933) has been celebrated at St Patrick’s Cathedral of New York.

Participating in the service for the Holodomor victims were Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States Oleh Shamshur, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Yuriy Serheyev, Ukraine’s Consul General to New York Serhiy Pohoreltsev, top clergy representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the US, the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, leaders of the Ukrainian community, US Senator Charles E. Schumer, officials of the diplomatic corps.

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sent an individual greeting, the Foreign Ministry press-service reported, according to National radio.

US President Barack Obama traditionally made a statement on the Ukrainian Holodomor Remembrance Day. Obama said ‘we pay respect to millions of victims who showed tremendous strength and courage.

The Ukrainian people overcame the horror of the great famine and have gone on to build a free and democratic country’. He also emphasized that ‘the remembrance of Holodomor will help prevent such tragedy in the future’.

In his speech, the Ukrainian ambassador pointed to a significantly raising attention to the problem of Holodomor and recognizing this horrible crime of Stalin and his aiders in the United States and other countries across the world over the past years.

According to approximate calculations, Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine is thought to have killed 14 million Ukrainians.

Meanwhile,†a pre-premiere screening of ‘Holodomor: Ukraine’s Genocide of 1932-33,’ a full-length documentary feature film produced in Hollywood, took place at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv with the assistance of the Ukrainian National Memory Institute.†

The camera crew led by Hollywood Film Director Bobby Leigh, including U.S., Canadian and Ukrainian experts, worked in Ukraine and the United States in 2008-2009. The crew, along with Tomkiw Entertainment and Moksha Films, produced a full-length documentary film about the great famine in Ukraine.†

The film was shot in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions – the areas hardest hit by the famine in 1932-1933. The film is based on the archives, documentary videos and photos of the 1930s, as well as stories by live witnesses of the tragedy and comments by scientists from Ukraine, the United States, and Canada.†

The film was produced in English, using the funds of the Ukrainian Diaspora in the United States. Film copies are later to be passed to the libraries of secondary and higher educational institutions in Ukraine and leading foreign universities.



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U.S. newly appointed ambassador arrives in Ukraine December 2

Posted by the Editor on November 26, 2009

News / 26 November 2009 | 17:30

U.S. newly appointed ambassador arrives in Ukraine December 2

The United States newly appointed Ambassador to Ukraine, John Tefft, will arrive in Kyiv on December 2, Ukrainian MFA spokesman Valeriy Dzhyhun has announced Wednesday, according to UKRINFORM.†

“We have already received confirmation that the U.S. ambassador arrives in Kyiv on December 2,” he said.†

The upper house of the United States Congress, the Senate, supported the appointment of John Tefft as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Tefft for the post late in September 2009, remaining a final decision to the discretion of the U.S. Senate.†

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is expected to hold the oath taking ceremony of Tefft.†

Tefft dedicated over 30 years to his diplomatic career. He worked in Jerusalem, Budapest, Rome, Moscow, and Vilnius. He earlier served as U.S. ambassador to Georgia.


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Ukraine may get IMF tranche before yearend

Posted by the Editor on November 26, 2009

News / 26 November 2009 | 15:59

Ukraine may get IMF tranche before yearend

Ukraine may receive the fourth tranche of the International Monetary Fund loan before the elections, in 2009, says Valeriy Lytvytskyi, head of the group of advisers to the central bank governor, National radio reported.

He referred to the continuing dialogue between the Ukrainian government and the IMF. In his opinion, the main obstacle to the cooperation is the law on higher social standards.

As reported, the IMF approved for Ukraine in November 2008 a two-year stand-by program for about USD 16.4 billion, and has already extended tranches for USD 10.5 billion. If the Ukrainian authority meets the program terms, the IMF will provide this country with USD 3.8 billion more. The finance ministry predicts that the IMF will examine the question of allocating the new tranche on November 30.


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Each deputy will be personally responsible for the death of Ukrainians

Posted by the Editor on November 26, 2009

Analytics / 26 November 2009 | 14:00

Each deputy will be personally responsible for the death of Ukrainians

Each deputy will be personally responsible for the death of Ukrainians

The Cabinet of Ministers has registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft Resolution “On main directions of the distribution of state budget funds allocated to prevent the spread of the flu epidemic and acute respiratory infections in Ukraine,” which proposes to approve the allocation of funds to prevent the spread of influenza and acute respiratory diseases and establish appropriate controls for their use.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko personally presented this document in the Rada today, Tymoshenko’s web-site reported.†

“The government registered the draft resolution of the Verkhovna Rada which outlines in detail what this money (one billion UAH) will be spent on… and in the Law and the decision of parliament it states that the distribution of funds will be approved by relevant committees,” Yulia Tymoshenko said.†

According to her, “this money is needed for banal things.” “Firstly, the WHO requires that we equip every raion and city hospital with special oxygen generators and place them in emergency rooms. This means that if a person receives oxygen in the first minutes of illness, this can help protect their health,” explained the head of government.†

Yulia Tymoshenko also informed that the second item is the purchase of the drug Tamiflu. “We have to buy enough Tamiflu to supply all those who could potentially get sick,” she said†

Thirdly, according to the Prime Minister, the country needs to buy intensive care equipment – respirators, artificial kidney machines, etc.†

Yulia Tymoshenko stressed: “This billion is the minimum needed. And if we don’t go for the minimum, then this billion isn’t even close to enough.” She urged parliament to create the appropriate commission to control the use of this money.†

Before the vote for the Law “On amending the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2009” in the plenary hall of parliament, Yulia Tymoshenko noted that each people’s deputy will be held personally liable for the death of every child, pregnant woman and in general – Ukrainians, because of the country’s unpreparedness for the epidemic.†

“You will all be responsible depending on the vote. You will be responsible for every child’s life, for every pregnant woman, young person, because if you read the transcript of the statements made by the head of the WHO mission, then … if this pace of the epidemic continues, the WHO’s forecasts will become reality,” explained the head of government†

According to her, based on the most optimistic forecast by the WHO, 34,000 people in Ukraine may die from the epidemic, and worst forecast – 240,000 people.†

Yulia Tymoshenko at the same time stressed: “To help us prepare for the potential second and third waves of the pandemic that the WHO is talking about, we need not one billion, but billions, tens of billions.”†

The Prime Minister has once again said that the President deliberately waited 15 days to make a decision on the law and then vetoed it “for one reason only – because if the epidemic gets worse, he will be able to declare a state of emergencyÖand remain President for at least another six months.”†

However, the Verkhovna Rada failed to override the veto of the Law “On amending the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2009” which would provide all hospitals with essential drugs and equipment to diagnose the illness and counter the spread of the flu epidemic. 231 people’s deputy out of the necessary 300 voted to override the veto.†

People’s deputy Serhiy Sas introduced a proposal to send the Law to the profile committee for revision; 251 parliamentarians voted for this.


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Ukraine to pay $280 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian gas in 2010

Posted by the Editor on November 26, 2009

News / 26 November 2009 | 13:43

Ukraine to pay $280 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian gas in 2010

Ukraine to pay $280 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian gas in 2010

Ukraine will have to pay about $280 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian gas in 2010, a spokesman for Russia’s energy giant Gazprom said on Wednesday, according to RIA Novosti.

Sergei Kupriyanov told the Moscow-based Echo Moskvy radio station that the “average price for next year” would be “about $280.”

Russia’s Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz agreed on Tuesday to reduce Russian national gas deliveries by 35% in 2010, from the previously contracted 52 billion cubic meters to 33.75 bcm.

The reduction is likely to cost Gazprom some $5 billion in lost revenues.

Kupriyanov also expressed hope that there would be no repeat of last year’s gas problems with Ukraine.

“We cannot rule this out, but we sincerely hope that nothing will happen,” he said.

Russia, which supplies around one quarter of Europe’s gas, briefly shut down supplies via Ukraine’s pipeline system at the start of the year amid a dispute unpaid bills and new prices.

The conflict was resolved in January, when Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Yulia Tymoshenko reached a deal on imports and transit for 2009.

Ukraine transits around 80% of Russia’s Europe-bound gas.


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Russian language status not vital in Ukraine – poll

Posted by the Editor on November 26, 2009

News / 26 November 2009 | 12:00

Russian language status not vital in Ukraine – poll

54.7 percent of Ukrainian population say the language question is not vital at the moment, according to the public opinion poll held by the Ukrainian Democratic Circle on the Politics Institute’s order.†

28.3% of the pollees say the issue may be settled later. Only 14.7% called it a burning problem, and 2.3% are undecided.†

The poll was conducted among 1,200 respondents November 12 through 18.


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Israel simplifies visa procedures for Ukrainian citizens

Posted by the Editor on November 26, 2009

News / 26 November 2009 | 10:55

Israel simplifies visa procedures for Ukrainian citizens

Ukrainian citizens going to the Holy Land with a group can obtain visas in 48 hours.

The Israeli government announced on Wednesday about simplification of the visa procedures for the Ukrainians.

According to Israeli Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov, the last innovation is the first important step that proves seriousness of intentions of the Israeli party regarding implementation of a program for complete cancellation of the visa regime with Ukraine.


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Lord of the flies: Gene calls it a day

Posted by the Editor on November 25, 2009

Gene Nelson has called it a day.

Gene was elected moderator in 2006 following a corrupt election where they banned their opposition from participating in the election  (This is not the first time Gene has announced his departure I am sure he will be back)

It is time to say goodbye.
I remember when I first came online with the Forum several years ago.
It started out fun and it was fun having a variety of discussions.
We used to have quite a few lively and interesting discussions.

I remember how Tom and I became friends thru the Forum, sending sms messages to each other several times a day and talking via the phone several times a week.

Of course that changed as soon as I started to criticize Yush.
Interesting how some people can’t handle being friends with someone who disagrees with them.

Gene like the rest were quick to condemn and join in on the personal  attacks of those who  questioned or challenged his limited point of view (angela Free Speech to name only two) has come under attack recently.

His crime he finally realized that Yushchenko is the cause of most problems facing Ukraine today.  It took a while but when he did decide to take an independent stand he was set on by the dogs.

Left with no one else to fight the lord of the flies turned on their own.¬† “Ralph” alias¬† Peter Crosby stood by as usual and said nothing and did nothing to quell the insults.

In a surprising rebuff Tom, the hunter of the pack challenged the credibility of the greatest BS artist US Expat (alias  Terry Hallman)

Quote from USExpat:
Tom, you and Gene aren’t here in Ukraine. You rarely even visit. You barely know what you’re talking about most of the time. Neither of you have any real commitments to, or investment in, Ukraine.

So let’s just both get away from forum’s because of what we know NOOOOTHING about. Because you (Terry Hallman) live in Ukraine makes you more of an authority on Ukraine? Same as just because I live in the U.S. makes me more of an authority on the U.S.? Tell us about your accomplishments in Ukraine with children that’s been documented in the media showing that you were involved. We don’t want to hear about it, we want to see documented facts. I’ve known you since 2003, and have never ever questioned your authority on children. But at the same time, I’ve never seen any solid facts of your work with them. I know many others in this forum have thought of the same, but were afraid to question you. Tho only one that called you out was Klappa. Seeming you say I know absolutely nothing about Ukraine, and shouldn’t be involved in Ukraine, then show us about what you so much talk about. I’m not going to hound you about this, because half the crap you talk about I don’t believe. We’ve met personally and I recall how paranoid you were around people you didn’t know, and so did others. But don’t’ worry or get paranoid about me because what you have to offer to this forum like myself in this any other forum is limited because we’re not Ukrainians. You’re absolutely correct.

He made no mention of the fact that Hallam is a bum a fraud and that his is illegally living in Ukraine.  But he is right Hallman has no track record of working with children or any successful business in Ukraine.  Reason why he can not provide and independent referees to back up his assertion is because he has none. He is a fraud and con man. A man who has serious problems with alcohol and drugs (A constant chain smoker)

Tom as in the movie “Lord of the flies” has taken his band of followers Nestor and the like and gone off into live in his own camp having set up his own forum where those who hold opposing views are not welcomed.¬† They recently banned Andrew who had said nothing controversal or offensive but questioned Yatsniuks credentials and standing in the polls. Tomas

Tomas  Martinez and Nestor where the main catalyst for collapse of the Ukrainskya Pravda English web site.

The English version on of For-UA may close.  It has brought the publisher into disrepute primarily thanks to Terry Hallman, Tom and Peter Crosby.

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