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Economists: Government effectively responded to financial crisis

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2009

News / 30 September 2009 | 15:52

Economists: Government effectively responded to financial crisis

The Ukrainian government effectively responded to challenges of the global financial crisis, Ihor Burakovskyi, director of the Institute of Economic Studies and Political Consultations, said  commenting on Tuesday’s meeting of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko with Ukrainian and Western economists.

“The government tried to react specifically to some or other problems emerging in different branches.  And presently we maintain certain social stability,” he said. Burakovskyi expressed confidence that Ukraine’s address to the International Monetary Fund was correct, and made it possible to draw essential funds.

Oleksandr Paskhaver, director of the Economic Development Institute, also believes that Yulia Tymoshenko’s government timely reacted to the challenges of the world slump. “

The economy is recovering.  There are certainly some problems – the banking system is suffering most of all now.  But I always stress it is surprising how synchronously with the international community, sometimes even ahead of it, we rose from the bottom and started getting up,” the expert said.


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