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Cabinet predicts GDP growth of 5.4% in 2011, 7.2% in 2012, 6.5% in 2013

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 17:43

Cabinet predicts GDP growth of 5.4% in 2011, 7.2% in 2012, 6.5% in 2013

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine predicts that the country’s gross domestic product will grow by 5.4% in 2011, 7.2% in 2012, and 6.5% in 2013, according to National radio.

This forecast was made in the appendix to the Cabinet resolution on endorsement of indicators of the consolidated budget by the main kinds of revenues, outlays and financing in 2011 – 2013. Inflation was predicted at 9.2% in 2011, 7.9% in 2012, and 5.5% in 2013. The nominal monthly wage corrected by the index of consumer prices must rise by 5.5% in 2011, 7.3% in 2012, and 6.6% in 2013 against the previous year. Ukraine’s payments balance in 2011 is expected to be minus USD 401 million, in 2012 minus USD 819 million, and in 2013 plus USD 2.954 billion.


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Government to restructure Naftogaz

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 16:50

Government to restructure Naftogaz

The Ukrainian government will prevent a default of national joint stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine, Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan says.

“There will be no default; there will be restructuring,” he emphasized. Earlier the government instructed the finance ministry to extend state guarantees of USD 2.005,7 billion for restructuring Naftogaz of Ukraine’s external indebtedness. Beside that, the government ordered Naftogaz and the finance ministry to agree by October 20 the key terms for restructuring of the company’s debts on foreign loans, including to investors on eurobonds issued to finance the company’s credit of USD 500 million and falling due on September 30.


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Ukraine to buy up to 1.8 bln cu m of gas from Russia in September

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 16:00

Ukraine to buy up to 1.8 bln cu m of gas from Russia in September

Ukraine’s national energy company Naftogaz plans to purchase up to 1.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Gazprom in September, Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan said on Wednesday, according to RIA Novosti.

“We will buy around 1.5 billion cubic meters… the month is not yet over. We may buy up to 1.8 billion cubic meters,” Prodan said, adding that some of the gas would be for domestic industrial use and some for underground storage.

Prodan said Ukraine has so far pumped 26.1 billion cubic meters of gas into its storage facilities.

Gazprom Deputy CEO Valery Golubev said in early September that Ukraine needed to store at least 28 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to meet its requirements and ensure uninterrupted gas transit to Europe.

In early September, Naftogaz officially approached Gazprom with a request to cut Ukraine’s contracted gas imports in 2010 from 52 billion cu m to 33 billion cu m.

Naftogaz has requested 14 billion cu m of natural gas from Russia for October-November this year to bring total imports for 2009 to 32 billion cu m., below the contracted volume of 40 billion cu m.

Ukraine is liable to penalties for under-importing under a bilateral agreement with Gazprom only if the shortfall exceeds 20%.

Russia, which supplies around one quarter of Europe’s gas, briefly shut down supplies via Ukraine’s pipeline system at the start of the year amid a dispute unpaid bills and new prices.

The conflict was resolved in January, when Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian premier Yulia Tymoshenko reached a deal on imports and transit for 2009.

The ex-Soviet state transits around 80% of Russia’s Europe-bound gas.


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Kyiv major to make helicopters a public transport

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 15:05

Kyiv major to make helicopters a public transport

The Kyiv authorities intend to manage new kind of public transport, an air one.

The matter concerns helicopters, and the authorities need about one million UAH to fulfill the project.
Despite the lack of assets, it is planned to open the enterprise already this year under the control of city emergency department.

At first helicopters will serve as air ambulance. Later the authorities want the air transport to earn money.

Meanwhile the Kyiv authorities are waiting for Cabinet’s approval of the project.


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Yushchenko’s poisoning case made an unusual turn

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 14:09

Yushchenko’s poisoning case made an unusual turn

The parliamentary investigative committee demands from the Prosecutor General Office and Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to open a criminal case on falsification of poisoning President with dioxin, the press service of the committee reports on Tuesday. Besides, the committee demands to dismiss the head of the investigative group of the Prosecutor General Office who is in charge of investigating the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko Halyna Klymovych.

The head of the committee Volodymyr Syvkovych is to have a meeting with the Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko and acquaint him with information which was gathered by the committee.

The committee demands from Oleksandr Medvedko to reinstate chief of the department for supervision over investigation Larysa Cherednychenko in the office. “Cherednychenko was sent officially from the Prosecutor General Office into the committee. But in three days she was dismissed after she had written a report addressed to Medvedko. She informed about all the facts concerning the case on Yushchenko’s poisoning”, is reported.

According to the committee, experts have enough evidence “confirming the fact of manipulation with examinations of Yushchenko’s blood samples”. “In 2004 a spokesman for Yushchenko’s inner circle Roman Zvarych had been confirming in his interviews that he brought Yushchenko’s blood samples to the USA”, is reported.

“At the same time, the committee has documentary evidence that the presidential wife Catherine Yushchenko had been consulting with spokesmen for U.S. special services during election campaign in 2004. They assisted her”, is reported. “The committee has audio record of the talk between a citizen Marta and an official of foreign search allegedly Roman. They spoke English in October 2004”, the committee reports.

According to the report, the Odessa institute of forensic inquiries at the Justice Ministry made an official conclusion that “the voice of the so called Marta” is identical with the voice of Yushchenko’s wife”.

“The case papers are evidence of the necessity to check information that Yushchenko’s blood samples were transported to the USA to be enriched with dioxin”, Ukrainskaya Pravda cites the report as saying.

Catherine Yushchenko supposes that her name in the context of the case on Yushchenko’s poisoning is concerned only with election campaign, Kommersant-Ukraine newspaper reports. “I know that some people even have begun to point at me because of the case on poisoning – allegedly I falsified tests, worked out the plan to help him win at the elections”, she claimed in the interview earlier.

According to the President’s wife, in 2004 only a few laboratories managed to identify a poison which leaded to the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko. “That is why in September, October and November 2004 I asked everybody whom I knew in Europe and in the United States for help to determine the cases of his disease. I had to do it secretly because I was afraid of everything and everybody”, Catherine Yushchenko explained. According to her, blood samples and other tests had been sent to USA, Germany, England and other countries not only by doctors of Viktor Yushchenko, but also by his colleagues and even MPs from Our Ukraine.

MP Roman Zvarych from Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense told that he had been giving evidence of the case on poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko for three times within previous week. “I really brought blood samples of Viktor Yushchenko, including hair and nails samples (to the examination in USA – editor.) Why the injured did not inform investigators about it, I do not know”, Roman Zvarych claimed.



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Party of Regions promises to unblock the parliament tomorrow

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 13:21

Party of Regions promises to unblock the parliament tomorrow

Party of Regions promises to unblock the parliament tomorrow

Tomorrow the Party of Regions will be ready to consider draft bills on social standards, deputy faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov told journalists.

“We will be ready to any system of voting, though we believe there is no need to manipulate with deputies or with public opinion. It is more logical to use traditional voting procedure,” he noted.

The deputy promised that tomorrow the Party of Regions will start working. In response to the question what the party will do if there are not enough votes to pass the draft bill on social standards Yefremov said: “We will keep working with our colleagues trying to persuade them with all methods we know in order to make them act according to their conscience.”

For the moment almost all deputies have left the session hall.


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Yushchenko invited OSCE to observe presidential election

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 12:30

Yushchenko invited OSCE to observe presidential election

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has invited the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to take part in observation of the presidential election in January 2010, spokesman Vasyl Kyrylych informed.

He also informed that the OSCE mission had already arrived in Ukraine to assess the situation and to give recommendations.

“Within the nearest time the Ukrainian side will also send invitations to other parliamentary organizations in Europe, namely Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE, Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly of NATO and others,” the spokesman said.


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Ukraine needs West to safeguard independence

Posted by the Editor on September 23, 2009

News / 23 September 2009 | 11:39

Ukraine needs West to safeguard independence

Ukraine needs West to safeguard independence

(AFP) Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko said that only the West – particularly eventual membership in NATO – can safeguard the country’s independence from Russia.

Yushchenko, in New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly, also told a foreign policy think tank that tensions were rising with former master Russia ahead of a presidential election in January.

“Just in the last 70 years, since 1917, we declared our independence six times and five times we lost it. There was only one reason for this: the international factor,” Yushchenko said in an official translation provided during his speech at the Council on Foreign Relations. “That’s why NATO membership and Ukrainian independence are synonymous.”

Yushchenko also said Moscow’s influence was again a factor in the new race.

“Obviously there is a fifth column,” he said. “To be more correct, there are politicians who’d like to have . . . information and any financial support from Russia. Those are residues that still remain from those times when Ukraine was colonized.”

Yushchenko also warned of “interference” from Moscow in the distribution of Russian passports to residents of Ukraine’s mainly ethnic-Russian Crimea region, home to the Russian Black Sea naval fleet.

“Ukrainian legislation does not allow double citizenship,” he said.

Russia handed out tens of thousands of passports in two breakaway provinces of ex-Soviet Georgia over recent years in what Georgians saw as a creeping annexation prior to a 2008 war which ended with Russia recognizing the provinces’ independence from Georgia.

Yushchenko also repeated that the Black Sea fleet base lease would not be renewed beyond the 2017 expiry date.

“The Ukrainian side believes that the Ukrainian constitution prohibits any military base . . . . I hope the word the Russians gave will be kept and the Russian Black Sea fleet will leave,” he said.

If Ukraine eventually joins NATO, the rule on foreign bases would remain the same, he said.

Asked about President Barack Obama’s decision to cancel a controversial project to set up an anti-missile shield in eastern Europe, Yushchenko said he had to give a “delicate answer.”

The decision alarmed governments in countries with a long history of Russian and Soviet occupation, but pleased Moscow, which had argued the shield – ostensibly aimed at Iran’s missile forces – was a threat to its security.

Yushchenko appeared to criticize Obama’s move, saying that making “defense stronger and more efficient is always good and this gives more benefits than the policy of risk balancing,” which he said was “not a stable policy.”


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