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Pukach named organizers of the murder of Gongadze

Posted by the Editor on July 22, 2009

News / 22 July 2009 | 17:27

Pukach named organizers of the murder of Gongadze

Pukach named organizers of the murder of Gongadze

Oleksiy Pukach has confirmed his involvement in the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasyl Hrytsak stated at the briefing in Kyiv today

“Pukach has confirmed his involvement in this crime. He also confirmed the involvement of other officials, there will be a lot of interesting information,” Hrytsak said.
Answering the journalists’ question, whether Pukach nammed the organizers of the murder, Hrytsak said “Yes.”
The head of the SBU also said that there are officials among the organizers of the murder.


One Response to “Pukach named organizers of the murder of Gongadze”

  1. UkrToday said

    Revelations, Scepticism and Conspiracies – The stuff that Hollywood dramas are made from.

    Extraordinary revelations about Ukraine’s highest political assignation has dominated Ukraine with the news of the arrest of former General-Lieutenant Oleksiy Pukach, who was detained for his involvement in journalist Gregory Gongadze’s murder yesterday.

    Oleksiy Pukach is reported as having lived in Ukraine since he was put in the wanted list and has avoid capture until now.

    It is also claimed that he has confessed to his involvement in murder and knows the location of Gongadze’s missing decapitated head and has named names of those involved.

    This is indeed good news for Ukraine if the reports are true and it does deliver justice and brings those involved in Gongadze’s assignation to account

    News of Pukach arrest has been met with scepticism by Gongadze’s wife who has been campaigning to have her husbands killers and those who ordered the assignation brought to justice. Gongadze’s murder goes right to the top with allegations of involvement of Ukraine’s former President, Leonard Kuchma and a cover-up conspiracy involving Ukraine’s incumbent President Viktor Yushchenko.

    Myroslava Gongadze is certain that the order to kill her husband didn’t come from Pukach. But he may be the key link in solving the mystery of who did. “To name those who ordered the murder is one thing, but to gather evidence and charge them is another matter,” she said. “I want to stress that Pukach is only a link in the chain of murderers. The question is open about who ordered it and if there would be enough political will to bring charges against them.” “I had almost lost hope that he would ever be caught,” she said. “Whether it’s connected to a political campaign, I am not sure. But in the course of eight years, Georgiy’s murder became a political case. A lot of political forces and leaders fight for it, whether they are interested in its outcome or not. That’s why the timing is not that important to me. What’s important is that the case is still open and that there will be more revelations.”

    This is the stuff of Hollywood crime mysteries, spies and government conspiracies. It is hard to believe that MI5 could make such a stuff up in the investigations.

    Ukraine’s embattled President, Viktor Yushchenko, was quick to be seen associated with the arrest and the possibility of Gongadze’s killers bought to account. (If only the same could be achieved for those involved in the allegations of Yushchenko’s poisoning five years ago – allegations that have not been tested in a court of law)

    The test and challenge will be keeping Pukach alive so that his testimony can be recorded and tried in open court. The last thing Ukraine needs is it’s own version of Lee Harvey Oswald.

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