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Europe made Ukraine credit conditions

Posted by the Editor on July 22, 2009

News / 22 July 2009 | 13:25

Europe made Ukraine credit conditions

Delo newspaper has received information that Europe made Ukraine conditions relating to the credit for gas. According to the document, Naftogaz may get funds if the company carries out an independent audit of gas that is being kept in the underground gas storages of Ukraine.

All conditions are divided into three parts: preliminary, short-term and medium-term. It is written in the first part of the document that the schedule of phased rise in prices for gas for people and heating enterprises is to be worked out.

The European Commission is demanding from Naftogaz to take measures on increasing transparency in the gas sector. Besides, the law on state purchases is necessary too.

In the second part of the document the European Commission proposes to increase the sum of funds to cover subsidies for the payment of municipal services in the draft national budget for 2010.

Ukraine’s authority are to improve the procedure of payment for gas and municipal services. That is why the centralized system of collection of payments is suggested to form. The European Commission is insisting on the transparent system of payments in the industrial sector.

The European Commission again asked to make the daughter enterprises of Naftogaz Ukrtransgaz and Ukrgasvydobuvannia independent.
Source: MIGnews


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