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Yushchenko met President of Austria

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 17:22

Yushchenko met President of Austria

Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko greeted visiting Federal President of Austria Heinz Fischer in the square in front of the presidential secretariat in Kyiv on Tuesday, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

The anthems of the two states were played and the members of the two countries’ delegations were introduced, Yuschenko’s press service said.

The ceremony was followed by a tete-a-tete meeting between the two presidents. The Ukrainian president thanked his Austrian counterpart for his visit to Ukraine and praised Fischer’s efforts to strengthen the two countries’ ties.

“Our relations are developing extremely well,” the Ukrainian president said.

Yuschenko said Ukraine is hoping for Austria’s support for his country’s plans to join the European Union.

The Federal President of Austria is visiting Ukraine from July 6-8.


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Yanukovych to inform people about economic situation

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 15:59

Yanukovych to inform people about economic situation

Yanukovych to inform people about economic situation

Leader of PR Viktor Yanukovych is on a working visit to the Crimea. He stated that representatives of the PR in all oblasts of Ukraine intend to explain reality of increase of social payments by means of mass media, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“We have already held two press conferences and will hold them every day. We will hold press conferences in all oblasts of Ukraine in all regions and centers in order to explain and inform people what is real economic situation in the country,” Yanukovych said, commenting on the demand of PR to adopt the law on increase of living wage.

“We set a task that our state to fulfill obligations before the people,” he added.

According to Yanukovych, today pensioners receive less pensions and worker receive less salaries.


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PR doubts that Yushchenko to be worthy partner

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 15:05

PR doubts that Yushchenko to be worthy partner

Deputy chairman of the PR faction Oleksandr Yefremov does not see today a mechanism for holding early parliamentary elections. He told journalists today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“If this mechanist is legally supported then it is another question. But I think everybody sees inability of the current power, so the sooner elections take place, the better for the country,” he said.

According to him if PR has reliable partners and mechanism to hold early parliamentary elections, then it will be possible to initiate them. “But I doubt that Viktor Yushchenko can become such a partner in our relations,” he added.

As a reminder, earlier Viktor Yanukovych stated that holding of early parliamentary elections is unreal before the presidential elections.


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Gazprom confirmed Ukrainian payment for June gas

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 14:22

Gazprom confirmed Ukrainian payment for June gas

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom confirmed on Tuesday that Ukraine had paid in full for June’s natural gas deliveries to the country, according to Ria Novosti.

Ukraine’s national oil and gas firm Naftogaz said on Monday it had transferred payment for June supplies without disclosing the amount, but confirmed the company had paid for 1.1 billion cubic meters of gas. July 7 was the payment deadline.

“Naftogaz has paid in full for the June shipments,” Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said.

Moscow has repeatedly voiced concerns over Kiev’s ability to pay for gas, especially its ability to purchase gas to pump into its underground storage facilities and ensure uninterrupted transits to Europe.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso urged the two countries earlier on Monday to make efforts to prevent a new gas crisis.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said on Monday that Kiev was considering loan proposals from both the European Union and Russia to help it pump gas into underground storage facilities.

Ukraine increased its gas request in July fourfold compared with June, a Gazprom spokesman said.

Sergei Kupriyanov said that Ukraine consumed 33 million cu m of gas daily in June. “In July, Ukraine raised its application to 120 million cu m per day. Ukraine increased its actual gas intake in the first week of July by four times.”


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PR is concerned about decline in vehicle construction sphere

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 13:34

PR is concerned about decline in vehicle construction sphere

Member of Parliament, the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Deputy Head, Minister of Industry and Enterprise at the Opposition government, the UUPB (the Ukrainian Union of Producers and Businessmen) president Anatoliy Kinakh is convinced that Ukraine runs risks of losing its place in a very important sector – on the internal and foreign markets of vehicle construction, ForUm informs referring to PR press service.

In particular, he expressed great concern over the exacerbation of problems at OJSC “Luganskteplovoz”. “The enterprise lost its permanent orders because of no clear-cut production policy, aggravating situation with the enterprise capacity, unsettled issues of VAT reimbursement by the state, trials on cancellation of the privatization competition results”, Anatoliy Kinakh noted.

The politician stressed the uniqueness and importance of the enterprise’s work. It is a strategic and budget-making unit for Lugansk. It gives jobs to over 9 thousands of its inhabitants. According to the MP, due to the obscure legal status of the investor-owner, all investment programs are ceased. The orders from one of the major partners – the Russian Federation, are also not filed.

Anatoliy Kinakh marked that presently it is important as never before for the government to take special-purpose measures to solve the problems at OJSC “Luganskteplovoz”.

“Today it is necessary to draw up an explicit concurred plan of subsequent development of the enterprise and create conditions for stable development of OJSC “Luganskteplovoz” as soon as possible”, the politician summed up.


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Yushchenko wants US-Russian relations to not negatively affect Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 13:05

Yushchenko wants US-Russian relations to not negatively affect Ukraine

Victor Yushchenko said on July 7 that his country, and its western integration drive including efforts to join the NATO military alliance and European Union, both sharply opposed by Moscow, should not be negatively affected as part of efforts between the US and Russia to reset relations, Kyiv Post reported.

Referring to US President Barrack Obama’s visit to Moscow this week where he held top level talks with that country’s leaders, Yushchenko said: “Ukraine hopes that it will not become a third side, through which other countries will make compromises to reach their interests.”

Yushchenko said he also seeks “friendly” relations between the US and Moscow, adding its time to put “cold relations” behind.


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Nebozhenko: MPs will imitate love to democracy

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

Analytics / 7 July 2009 | 13:02

Nebozhenko: MPs will imitate love to democracy

Nebozhenko: MPs will imitate love to democracy

Today the Ukrainian parliament is similar to the «beautiful and smart» monkey, which cant define what it to be. MPs intend to show their big desire to work, but at the same time it is time to go to Maldives – summer trip of the majority of our MPs.

According to the political, head of sociological service «Ukrainian Barometer» Victor Nebozhenko, Ukrainian parliamentarians know that they need to imitate their work, not to quarrel, and leave Kyiv for Canaries, and meet there as best friends in expensive restaurants, as if nothing had happened. He told ForUm in an interview about this and some other issues.

– Victor Nebozhenko, current week is last plenary week before recess of MPs. In your opinion, will parliament work constructively during this time?
– In fact parliamentarians clearly know what they want to imitate the work, and any productive work would be seen as counterproductive by each political force. Therefore, in order not to quarrel, and leave Kyiv for Canaries, and there to meet, as nothing had happened, representatives of different political forces need to leave for summer break with the usual “satisfactory marks” for their work. So I think the major revolutionary changes for this week will not happen.

– What about government staff appointments?
– Some staff issues will be solved.
In addition, MPs will imitate their love for democracy and independence. It is possible that they even “very carefully” put the question on immunity cancelation for consideration. But they will do it in such a way that their immunity would not suffer from it.

– But PR is still threatening to block the work of the parliament…
– They do so, because the election campaign has already begun, and they should show their love to the people.

– Can the PR block the parliament’s work until January 17?
– No. because businesses need constantly «track» to the Cabinet. PR system is a solid business, they all need constant contact with various levels of executive power. How can they block the work totally?

– Will MPs manage this week to change the law on election of the President?
– I think, yes. This is very serious issue as for PR, as well as for BYuT – the most powerful factions. They try to create such conditions in order to have less conflict, and that third forces do not take an active part in the «race»…


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Naftogaz paid for Russian gas in June

Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2009

News / 7 July 2009 | 11:47

Naftogaz paid for Russian gas in June

The Naftohaz Ukrainy national joint-stock company settled accounts with Russia’s gas monopolist Gazprom for natural gas supplied in June, Ukrainian News has learned from Naftohaz Ukrainy press secretary Valentyn Zemlianskyi.

“The company has cleared payment for June supplies,” he said.

According to information from Gazprom, in June the national oil and gas company imported near 1.1 billion cubic metres worth about USD 300 million.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine imported 2.376 billion cubic metres of natural gas in May, including the volume of natural gas for underground gas storage facilities, for a total sum of USD 646.8 million.

Ukraine imported 2.398 billion cubic metres of natural gas in April and 2.5 billion cubic metres in the first quarter of 2009.

The import natural gas price for Ukraine at the Russian border was USD 360 per 1,000 cubic metres in the first quarter and USD 270.95 per thousand cubic metres in the second quarter. For the third quarter it is predicted to stand at USD 198 per thousand cubic metres.


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