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Tourists are being deceived in the Crimea

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2009

News / 30 June 2009 | 14:00

Tourists are being deceived in the Crimea

The new swindlers are selling tourists the tickets to attend the popular free of charge places located on the Crimean peninsula. The tourists pay in advance for the excursion and usually are surprised that the excursion is growing in price during the journey, MIGnews reported.

According to 5 Kanal, swindlers place a bar or draw the rope near the entrance to the sights. The fee for entrance is minimum UAH 5. Su-Uchkhan waterfall and even tour round the Livadiysky Palace have become paid.

The statesmen are calling on tourists to remain unprovoked and ask swindlers to show the permission, Liga reports. They have prohibited taking money for visiting the sights on the peninsula.


2 Responses to “Tourists are being deceived in the Crimea”

  1. Peter Crosby said

    As reported in British media recently:

    Outside Bristol Zoo is the car park, with spaces for 150 cars and 8 coaches. It has been manned 6 days a week for 23 years by the same charming and very polite car park attendant with the ticket machine. The charges are £1.00 per car and £5.00 per coach.

    On Monday 1 June, he did not turn up for work.

    Bristol Zoo management phoned Bristol City Council to ask them to send a replacement parking attendant.

    The Council said, No! “That car park is your responsibility.”

    The Zoo said, No! “The attendant was employed by the City Council wasn’t he?”

    The Council said, No! “What attendant?”

    Gone missing from his home is a man who has been taking daily the car park fees amounting to about £400.00 per day for the last 23 years…!

    £2,400.00 a week. Tax Free. Total sum £3.35 million!

  2. For-ua said


    Peter Crosby, the UK moderator of elected for life following a corrupt election where they banned all opposition from participating in a forum on Ukraine, has published false and misleading information claiming that a man made millions of pounds in a scam perpetrated against the citizens of Bristol. (See comment below)

    This is not the first Time Peter Crosby has supported unfounded and unsupported allegations.

    In 2006 Crosby in association with Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt claimed that the Ukrainian government were engaged in a deliberate act of genocide and that Ukrainian Orphanages where death Camps for Children. Crosby, who works as a volunteer giving aid to Ukrainian Children, stated that he had proof and evidence to back up Hallman’s scandalous, reckless claims.

    When challenged to name names and addresses of the Death Camps he along with Terry Hallman failed to do so. Peter Crosby replied “Go out and find them”

    Peter Crosby’s lack of judgement and proper consideration of facts has demonstrated once again his recklessness in propagating false facts not only about Ukraine but also Bristol Zoo.

    What Peter Crosby failed to report is the denial (dated June 15) by both the Bristol Zoo and the Bristol Council

    Readers should be very much aware of the false statements made by Peter Crosby

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