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Archive for June 25th, 2009

Opinion: Moscow pursues economic goals, appointing Zurabov

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 17:28

Opinion: Moscow pursues economic goals, appointing Zurabov

Having appointed the “cold pragmatist” Mikhail Zurabov to succeed the “sentimental” Viktor Chernomyrdin, Moscow is realizing a strategy to buy up cheap financial and industrial assets in Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Global Strategies Vadym Karasiov told Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday, Kyiv Post reported.

According to Karasiov, it was highly unlikely that Russia would send a diplomat with a career in mind to perform a routine mission in Kyiv.

“Ukraine is too precious for today’s Russia and its leaders [to do that],” the expert said.

As for the primary tasks of a new diplomatic mission, Karasiov said that they were to prevent the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

“The secondary ones are not to let the Ukrainian gas transportation system to be controlled exclusively by Ukraine and the European Union. Russia wants to have a share in the pipeline or to have the whole pipeline under its control. Without the pipeline, the Ukrainian gas transportation system, Russia can’t become a leading player on the new energy scene of Europe,” Karasiov said.

The expert also said that Russia wants to involve Ukraine in a new reintegration process in the former Soviet region.


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Yushchenko calls to take measures to cover gas debts for June

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 16:00

Yushchenko calls to take measures to cover gas debts for June

Ukraine has fully fulfilled its duties on the transit and purchase of Russian gas according to the contracts signed in January, President’s Envoy on Energy Security Bohdan Sokolovsky has stated, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

On the other hand, taking onto account the inability of the cabinet to properly protect Ukrainian interests, the head of the state has to personally oversee this issue, he said, quoted by the presidential press service on Thursday.

Sokolovsky recalled an incident in early June, when several hours before the May gas payments deadline, the president had to hold an emergency meeting at which officials from the National Bank of Ukraine and Naftogaz decided to use the NBU reserves to cover the debts.

Sokolovsky said that the situation could be repeated: the July 7 deadline is near and Naftogaz Ukrainy still doesn’t have enough money.

“Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko urges the cabinet, the Naftogaz Ukrainy officials and parliament to take measures to cover the gas debts for June and next periods. The situation demands professional decisions and action, not just talk,” Sokolovsky said.


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Ukrainians are engaged in farming and gardening again

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 14:50

Ukrainians are engaged in farming and gardening again

Ukrainians are engaged in farming and gardening again

The residents of the cities again decided to deal with farming and gardening. After the crisis coming, people again have time and have no money. So summer-2009 is popular with seeds, spade and fertilizer. In spring ‘dacha residents’ planted potatoes and tomatoes, now they are engaged in watering and weeding, but in autumn they expect to have not only cheap harvest but also ecological one.

This year garden instruments and tools are very popular.

This year the weather is favorable for good harvest, especially fruit and vegetables. So people hope to get rich harvest in order to provide their families with fruit and vegetables for the whole winter.


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Tymoshenko hopes to attract investor in Lviv airport by August

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 14:29

Tymoshenko hopes to attract investor in Lviv airport by August

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko hopes that an investor for the construction of new terminal at the Lviv airport will be attracted by August, she said at a briefing during her visit to the construction site of new stadium in Lviv, Ukrainian News reported.

She said that during the following week, a special auction for the attraction of investors will be held.

Besides, the prime minister said that the reconstruction of the operating terminal at the airport will be financed at the expense of the state and local budgets.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the tender for the selection of an investor for the construction of a passenger terminal at the Lviv international airport.

Earlier, the members of the presidium of the organization committee for holding Euro 2012 in Lviv region have sent a letter to President Viktor Yuschenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, in which they accused the Transport and Communication Ministry of the protraction with the preparation of the Lviv airport for the cup.


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PR wants to control IMF loan

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 13:22

PR wants to control IMF loan

The party of Regions again insists on necessity of the parliament’s control over the distribution of the loan, granted by the International Monetary Fund.

“We can’t allow today this money to be used at discretion of a group of politicians who derailed the country,” the PR leader Viktor Yanukovych said that today in scope of his working visit to Zaporizhzhya.

In particular, Yanukovych said that the main demand of the Party of Regions is transparency of usage of the IMF loan.

Moreover, he noted that decision on allocation of next tranche of the IMF loan should be taken not by the President and PM but by the VRU, in accordance with the Constitution and laws.

He also added that the society should know the conditions and terms of the next tranche. He also noted on absence of the information what previous tranche were spent for.


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Experts advise to keep money in gold

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 12:39

Experts advise to keep money in gold

Experts recommend Ukrainians willing to keep their money to pay attention to the gold, the Delo newspaper reports, according to MIGnews.

Deputy chairman of the board at Finance and Credit bank Ihor Lvov says precious metal is a smooth water for investors in a crisis. According to the banker, the gold has been risen in price, and price rise for metal will continue to the end of the year. The price for metal is planned to rise up to US $1,000 from current US $920-925 for troy ounce (31,1 grams). It is by 10-15 percents more than in 2008.

The main reason of rise in price, according to the expert, is a growth of global economy. If dollar and euro become weaker, gold will be the so-called refuge. According to the banker, the number of gold bullions sale has not been recurred in comparison with 2008. The bullions with a weight of 50 grams were popular in demand.

Nearly 80 percents of gold, which is being purchased by people, are placed on deposits later. The terms of attraction of metal deposits have not been changed recently.

Taking into consideration the cost of bank metals, it is one of the most profitable deposits for people, Ihor Lvov claims.


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Gazprom sees no grounds to review gas deals with Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 12:03

Gazprom sees no grounds to review gas deals with Ukraine

Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Wednesday there were no grounds for reviewing natural gas supply and transit contracts with Ukraine .

“I cannot see any grounds for reviewing the pricing and transit conditions,” Gazprom deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev told a news conference.

Medvedev said top-class contracts stipulated the rights for the parties to review the terms and conditions but only if there were real grounds.

Gazprom has refuted to keep gas in the underground gas storages of Ukraine because of unreliability. Deputy chairman of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev claimed this at a press conference in Moscow today, on June 24.

According to him, it is clear that financial crisis has influenced on the situation negatively but it does not release Ukraine from fulfillment of engagements as a transit country. “Ukrainian gas transport system works in such way that physical volume of transit is not very big – main supplies are being done from underground gas storages. If there is lack of gas volume in underground gas storages of Ukraine, it will be impossible to supply consumers in Europe with gas”, A.Medvedev said.

Commenting on Gazprom deputy head Aleksandr Medvedev’s statement that it will be technically impossible to pump gas to Europe if Ukraine does not have sufficient supplies of gas in its underground reservoirs, the premier’s advisor on energy issues and lawmakerOleksa Hudyma noted: “Several years ago, Ukraine had 5 to 7 bln in underground storage, and this did not affect the reliable work of our pipelines. Last year we had 22 bln, a sufficient supply to keep up steady pumping even at the height of Russia’s war against Europe and Ukraine.”

As a reminder, the gas deal the Russian and Ukrainian premiers reached on January 19 ended an almost three-week disruption in supplies to Ukraine and transits to the EU caused by a bitter pricing and debt dispute between the former Soviet allies.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has criticized on numerous occasions the gas deals with Russia and called for a review of the gas transit tariffs, warning that otherwise Ukraine could lose $2.5 billion in 2009.

Source: RiaNovosti, ZIK


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VRU agreed to increase living wage

Posted by the Editor on June 25, 2009

News / 25 June 2009 | 11:20

VRU agreed to increase living wage

VRU agreed to increase living wage

The parliament has adopted in the first reading draft law on changes into the Law “On state budget of Ukraine for 2009” concerning the volume of living wage and minimal salary, submitted by the Party of Regions. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

243 MPs voted for this law: PR – 172, BYuT – 0, OU-PSD – 25, CPU – 27, Lytvyn bloc – 19.
But MPs refused to give the second reading to this law.

According to the law, minimal salary should be increased by UAH 200, and pension – by UAH 100.

According to the deputy head of the budget committee, MP from the BYuT Oleh Lyashko said that the committee does not support this law as in case of its adoption the government should additionally allocate UAH 37 billion, that will misbalance the state budget.


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