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Azarov estimates situation on state budget as critical

Posted by the Editor on April 30, 2009

News / 30 April 2009 | 12:19

Azarov estimates situation on state budget as critical

The Finance Minister of the opposition government Mykola Azarov estimates the situation with the budgetary resources as critical, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“According to data of the State treasury, (which, by the way, Tymoshenko concealed from public), as of April 28, 2009 the funds on Treasury account of the state reduced by UAH 7.7 billion since the beginning of 2009 and make UAH 1.7 billion,” it is said in the statement of Mykola Azarov.
At that Azarov noted that previously, as to the end of April there have always been about 12-15 billion hryvnyas in the State Treasury account.

“It means in fact that to finance the programs of the common state budget fund and the Pension Fund deficit the Tymoshenko government used the funds foreseen for other purposes (the state budget special fund, local budgets, off-budget funds, etc.),” he summed up.


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