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Merkel: Ukraine forced to be between EU and Russia

Posted by the Editor on February 27, 2009

News / 27 February 2009 | 13:20

Merkel: Ukraine forced to be between EU and Russia

Ukraine’s long-term perspective depends on building partnership and strategic relations with Russia, supposes a Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. She claimed that speaking with foreign reporters in Berlin, informed.

According to the Federal Chancellor, due to geographic position, Ukraine is forced to be situated between the European Union (EU) and Russia.

Touching on a question of relations between Ukraine and Russia, she noted also a crisis in domestic policy. According to Angela Merkel, political situation has been difficult in Ukraine yet and it is hard for authorities to make decisions.

According to the Chancellor of Germany, Ukraine is in Germany’s sphere of interest. As for EU, Ukraine joins a group of the Eastern Partnership states. A special EU summit on Eastern policy is scheduled at May, 7, she reported. A question of relations with Ukraine and rendering assistance for overcoming economic crisis will be discussed there, reports Ukrainskaya Pravda with reference to Deutsche Welle.

As known, besides, authorities are planning to hold a conference devoted to Ukraine’s gas and transport system modernization involving the EU representatives on 23 of March in Brussels.


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