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Ukrainian president almost recovered from dioxin poisoning

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 17:20
Ukrainian president almost recovered from dioxin poisoning

Ukrainian president almost recovered from dioxin poisoning

Doctors have removed almost all the dioxin from the body of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, his doctor said at a news conference on Monday, RIA Novosti reported.

“95% of the dioxin has been removed from the president`s body, and, thank God, his condition is normal and stable,” Ukraine`s UNIAN news agency quoted Rostyslav Valykhnovskiy as saying. He also said the president was doing well.

Yushchenko fell ill shortly after a dinner on September 5, 2004 with the then security service head Ihor Smeshko, and his deputy, Volodymyr Satsiuk, whom he had invited to discuss the 2004 election campaign.

The next day, Ukrainian doctors diagnosed food poisoning, and four days later, as his condition failed to improve, Yushchenko was taken to the Rudolfinerhaus clinic in Vienna, which he left later in the month for the election campaign.

Medical experts involved, including from the U.S., Austria and Britain, were divided over the cause of his illness, but in late 2004 the Rudolfinerhaus clinic confirmed that he had been poisoned with dioxin.

The incident left Yushchenko`s face disfigured, and a number of conflicting theories arose as to who might have poisoned him – or indeed if he even was poisoned.


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OU is ready to consider Tymoshenko’s dismissal

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 16:30

OU is ready to consider Tymoshenko’s dismissal

Our Ukraine faction supports the initiative to consider the resolution on vote of no-confidence in the government at the session of the parliament. OU faction leader Mykola Martynenko told the conciliatory council Monday.

According to him, “it should be done as soon as possible.”

“I also want to remind that temporary investigation commissions constantly work in the parliament, but we don’t get any essential results from them. Their work often looks like a cinema. That’s why we suggest to limit the work of the commissions by two months and to introduce a moratorium on their formation till the presidential elections,” Martynenko noted.


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Tymoshenko orders to draft new system of transportation fees

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 15:40

Tymoshenko orders to draft new system of transportation fees

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko ordered to draft a new law, which will change the system of transportation fees, having included it in the fuel cost. The initiative belongs to
Minister for Internal Affairs Yurii Lutsenko. According to him, in the world the owners of vehicles are taxed for consumed gasoline or diesel but not according to engine size.

“It is necessary to levy a tax on the quantity of gasoline or diesel a person buys at a filling station. Either Mercedes, or Zhygul, or trailer – one should pay as much as he consumes, and this money is meant for the construction of roads,” Yurii Lutsenko stressed.

In his turn, Head of the State Tax Administration Serhii Buriak told that Prime Minister had assigned 2-3 months to draft the new principle of levying transportation fees. Serhii Buriak noted that the transfer period would take a year, and that the new system would come into force not earlier than 2010. To make it happened, a corresponding law should be passed in the first half of 2009.


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ByuT propose to vote for Tymoshenko’s dismissal

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 14:50

ByuT propose to vote for Tymoshenko's dismissal

ByuT propose to vote for Tymoshenko’s dismissal

BYuT faction supports the proposition to consider the resolution on vote of no-confidence in the government. Faction leader Ivan Kyrylenko told the conciliatory council.

“There were so many words said about it on air that we consider the main action is voting in the parliament,” he said.

According to Kyrylenko, ByuT suggests to consider this question in short and to hold voting. “If voting is positive, it will mean that there is a new coalition in the parliament. We’ll see what parties will unite to sack this government and to form a new one,” Kyrylenko underliend.


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“Regionals” want an anticrisis program from Tymoshenko

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 14:00

“Regionals” want an anticrisis program from Tymoshenko

The Party of Regions insists on the submission of an anti-crisis progrfam by the g overnment. PR leader Viktor Yanukovych tols a conciliatory council that the program must be approved by the parliamentary majority and the president.

According to him, the opposition “is rady to stand by every Ukrainain and every official, if there are any concrete propositions. “We are ready for a joint work, but they must stop talking and start taking steps,” Yanukovyh noted.

The PR leader underlined that the budget issue remains on the agenda, but it is necesasry to introduce some changes, based upon real figures and macro indices.


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Yanukovych accuses the authorities of making fool of the population

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 13:10

Yanukovych accuses the authorities of making fool of the population

The Party of Regions insists on listening to the reports of the governemnt and president on the situation in the country. Party leader Viktor Yanaukovych said at the conciliatory council, ForUm’s correposndent reported.

“Last week we saw a regular show on in which the presdient and premier exchanged t heir thoughts on the situation in Ukraine. We are tired of their attempts to make fool of 47 million citizens,” he said.

According to Yanukovych, the parliament must listen to the reports on carrying out of social engagements, on further development of industry and on implementation of the state budget for 2009.

The Party of Regions leader pointed out that the authoprities call once again to “unite”. “Let’s unite around the truth. Well, first of all we must admit what is going on in the country. And when we have the diagnosis, we must make a decision on the treatment,” Yanukovych summed up.


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Tymoshenko asks not to set panic around economic situation in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

News / 2 February 2009 | 12:30

Tymoshenko asks not to set panic around economic situation in Ukraine

Tymoshenko asks not to set panic around economic situation in Ukraine

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko claims that State Budget of Ukraine for 2009 is under implementation, wages, pensions and other social payments had been paid in full in January. According to Tymoshenko, this information is confirmed by the Treasury of Ukraine, government portal reported.

“I want to address the country. This is how everything will be during the whole difficult crisis 2009 year: we’ll work successfully, the budget will be filled, it will be fulfilled every month and for the year on the whole,” Yulia Tymoshenko stated.

At the same time, the Head of Government called upon the politicians not to set panic around the economic situation in the country, “I want to ask all politicians, the President, not to fall into hysteria but take clear steps to overcome the crisis”.

“I am ready for any constructive cooperation with all branches of power: with the opposition and the coalition, with the President and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, with every person who can contribute not to destruction of the country during crisis but to its strengthening, giving a chance to pass this difficult period more confident,” the Prime Minister said.

Yulia Tymoshenko stressed that crisis is of world global character and it is impossible to stop it in a separate country, “but to stand firm with dignity during this crisis, to minimize its impacts – this is, undoubtedly, a challenge for the whole political elite”.


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President Yushchenko’s address to the Ukrainian nation

Posted by the Editor on February 2, 2009

Analytics / 2 February 2009 | 12:11

President Yushchenko's address to the Ukrainian nation

President Yushchenko’s address to the Ukrainian nation

Dear fellow countrymen,

I decided to address you to provide clear and honest information on economic, budgetary and financial situation in Ukraine.

I appeal to you, dear fellow countrymen, to back up the demand to Ukrainian government and parliamentary majority to stop the flow of lie, hypocrisy, aspersions and to immediately, I emphasize that, immediately start acting to save national economy.

The state has absolutely misbalanced financial system.

State institutions are knowingly being ruined because of lack of financing.

I am not speaking of personal accusations now. I leave this dirt aside.

We were witnesses to a witches’ sabbath in the parliament around the question of the National Bank. It was evidently explained by single intention – to gain access to money printing in order to cover losses in the State Budget.

This can result in inflation unseen before.

This can result in social catastrophe.

I am forced to say this to bring politicians round.

Ukrainian industry is falling. People are being fired or forced to long-term leaves.

In Moscow, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko made gas deals disadvantageous for Ukraine.

The contracts do not correspond with my directives. The Prime Minister made that decision personally, without consulting collegial opinion of the government.

The majority, supporting Yulia Tymoshenko, beginning with her block and to communists, must explain this.

The state was put before the fact. The contracts were signed and we must abide by them.

In 2009 Ukraine will have to pay for gas 25 billion hryvnyas more than last year. However, Naftogaz’s profit from the transit remains the same as in 2008.

The Prime Minister undoubtedly knows that finding additional resources to pay for gas is only possible at internal market, meaning increase of prices for the consumers.

Every passing minute is priceless now.

I demand immediate alterations to 2009 State Budget. This is the only way to put things right.

I have warned the government and parliamentary majority, who were authors of this year’s state budget, that the document is a cloud-castle.

For today the government has not collected even a half of the amount of taxes and dues, planned for January.

The cause is the same again – unreal budget.

My conclusions are based on evaluation by Minister of Finance Viktor Pynzenyk.

The opinion of this Minister is decisive in preparation of estimate in any state. Today he is not heard, first of all in the government.

I address Yulia Tymoshenko and the majority she has organized. This is your responsibility.

Respected Yulia Volodymyrivna, you knowingly put unrealistically high numbers and promises into the budget, which you are unable to keep up to today. The funds, including those meant for next repayment of savings, are not concentrated, they are scattered.

I address each deputy from Yulia Tymoshenko’s majority.

Respected deputy, you support populism, which will tomorrow result in unpaid wages, pensions, scholarships, and other social support.

I emphasize that – it is your responsibility. Because of your silent consent – doctors, teachers, and military men will not get their money. There will be no funds for schools or hospitals. You will be answering for that before Ukrainian people.

I address Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn.

Respected Volodymyr Mykhaylovych, you perfectly understand that current budget is top provocative factor to the crisis in Ukraine.

For the sake of state interests I ask you to consolidate the parliament to make alterations to the budget and approve urgent anti-crisis decisions.

On behalf of the whole country I demand that the government and the parliament immediately worked out honest budget, where expenses would correspond with capabilities of the economy.

This is your constitutional, state and political duty.

I emphasize – all the responsibility for economic situation, for disruption of budgetary process, for destruction of banks system in accordance with the Constitution is upon Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in person.

When she reaches deadline, she will not be able to hide in opposition.

Enough lies.

I appeal to all fellow countrymen to stay calm.

You will be protected. We are able to protect the country and people. The most important thing now is to find political will and courage and to approve a realistic budget for 2009.

In order to achieve that I will use all instruments necessary in the state of crisis.


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