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Who is left holding the bag?

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

Analytics / 30 October 2008 | 11:02

Who is left holding the bag?

Who is left holding the bag?

The Ukrainian-Russian relations have breached and this crack is turning into a deep abyss.

The war of words between Ukrainian and Russian presidents is at its zenith.

Both Medvedev and Yushchenko do not hide that they don’t like each other.

It would be nothing if they were ordinary citizens, but millions of Ukrainians and Russians depend on our presidents. And closely connected and related people cannot understand what it has to do with them.

Another question is who will lose in this absurd confrontation. The answer is ‘both’, but Ukraine will suffer more.

But Viktor Yushchenko does not listen to voices crying in the wilderness, or does not want to listen.

A roundtable in the form of video-bridge between Kyiv and Moscow took place a couple of days ago. Ukrainian and Russian politicians, political scientists and MPs were expressing their opinions on “Economy and policy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine under the conditions of political and economic crises.”

Some of the remarks and opinions were very interesting…

Svyatoslav Oliynyk, BYuT MP:

– As a deputy I work in agricultural districts. Grain elevators I’ve visited are full with the harvest. In addition, districts have extra meat products. But these products are not exporting to Russia at the moment, as due to improper political actions Russia purchase grain from other countries.

I don’t know why Russia has banned Ukrainian milk as well, but it is an example of rough political actions, which may lead to violation of economic balances.

Political rhetoric between Ukraine’s and Russia’s leaders must be put aside. Only rational pragmatism should dominate in our relations.

 Kyryl Kulikov, Our Ukraine deputy:

– The world crisis has affected the economy of Ukraine, but it has also touched Russia. Short-term debts of Russia are 524 billion dollars, while Ukraine’s ones are about 40 billion dollars.

Our state has two sources of means: European bank of reconstruction and development and International monetary fund. There are no other sources.

 The relations between our countries are politicized, but this crisis is the world one. In such difficult situation every state should be a ‘pragmatist’ and work for itself.

The economic situation in Ukraine is very complicated and too politicized, and because of this we are straying from the problems rather than trying to solve them.

Yevgen Panteleyev, minister-counsellor of RF embassy to Ukraine:

– The relations between Ukraine and Russia are often used in the internal political fights.

During frequent election campaigns one politicians use the image of Russia as of a friend, others as of an enemy. But such politicization is rather biased than impartial.

Semen Bagdasarov, Russian Duma deputy:

– Russia is very vigilant regarding the political situation in Ukraine. Our state considers Yushchenko’s attempts to obtain membership in NATO as an act of aggression.

If this policy keeps being carried out Russia will be treated as an unfriendly state in Ukraine, and this will stipulate political and economic relations between our countries.

Russia is outraged by Ukraine’s support and weapon supplies in Georgia. It is not a secret that Ukrainian militaries were helping Georgian air forces to hit Russian aircrafts.

It is obvious that the Russian Federation will open its market for more loyal countries. Why would we buy products in Ukraine, if its authorities consider us an enemy?

Kiril Cherkasov, Russian Duma deputy:

– Russia and Ukraine are two sovereign countries. May be it is time to sit down and talk as two equal partners, not as older and younger brothers.

The majority of Russians are aware of Ukrainian problems. I assure you that 90% of these problems were caused by the policy of your president. It is impossible to understand and estimate what Yushchenko has done for the past three years, having ruined the relations between the countries and people.

It is up to Ukrainians to decide further development of our relations.

Leonid Vardomski, the head of the Center of CIS and Baltic countries of the Institute of international economic and political researches of Russian academy of science:

– In my opinion, the world crisis is a process which tests economic relations between our countries.

We must simplify mutual trade relations and remove limits regarding Ukrainian goods in Russia and Russian goods in Ukraine.

It would be a relief for Ukrainian and Russian business.

Dmitro Vydrin, political scientists in Ukraine:

– I have many friends among Russian businessmen, who are doing business in Ukraine. All of them have problems with officials, their property rights are violated, and they usually lose cases in courts.

I guess Ukrainian businessmen in Russia have the same problems.

Entries into a crisis can be various – financial, economic or administrative. But the way out is always political. Politicians determine a goal, and experts and economists help them.

Ukraine’s future depends on the goals of our authorities. And in my opinion, the goals our authorities are setting are wrong.

The anti-crisis program submitted by the Cabinet of Tymoshenko will lead the country to a deeper crisis. Instead of reducing taxes and excise, as every normal country is doing now, the Ukrainian government is doing quite the contrary.


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Kyiv residents to hand over guns

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 10:59

Kyiv residents to hand over guns

In November Ministry of Home Affairs of Ukraine will hold a monthly acion of voluntarily handing over of unregistered weapon in Kyiv.

Citizens having unregistered hunting rifles, live ammunitions, explosives materials and gas pistols can appeal to the organs of internal affairs to hand over voluntarily this weapon or register it in legal order, the press-service of the Main Branch of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Kyiv reports.

Voluntarily handing over of weapon releases from administrative and criminal responsibility.

According the voluntarily handing over of weapon or its registration it is necessary to apply to organs of home affairs at the place of residence.


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Ukrainian “An” aircrafts are in the spotlight in Iran

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2008

News / 29 October 2008 | 17:40

Ukrainian “An” aircrafts are in the spotlight in Iran

Regional passenger aircraft An-148 draw absolute attention at the international “Iran Air Show 2008”, the press service of Antonov Design Bureau informs.

Attention drawn to the new “An” aircraft is caused with interest of leading air carriers and industrial companies in Iran.

“An-148” aircraft flew on October 28 to Iran with a team of Ukrainian aircraft industry leaders on board and covered 3500 km within 4.5 hours. In Iran it was presented to high specialists of Iran aircraft industry and Iran Air and Iran Air Tour companies.

After the official opening ceremony the aircraft performed demonstrative fly, later numerous visitors were invited on board. At the joint press-conference of General Constructor of the Antonov Design Bureau D.S.Kiva and Manager Director of the Aircraft Organization of Iran they told: “We are sure that the “An-148″ aircraft will be demanded by our air carriers, we shall receive license and build such aircrafts in series for the internal market of Iran,” he told.


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Party of Regions not to support President’s anti-crisis draft law

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2008

News / 29 October 2008 | 16:00
Party of Regions not to support President’s anti-crisis draft law

Party of Regions not to support President’s anti-crisis draft law

The faction of the Party of Regions will not support the President’s draft law on reducing the world financial crisis influence.According to UNIAN, MP Mykola Azarov claimed this in the chamber today.

He stressed that this daft law will not solve current problems in Ukraine. According to him, in 2008, as well as in 2005, when Yulia Tymoshenko also was the Prime Minister, everything began “with populist payments, with restricting economics crediting, with administrative struggle against prices, hryvnia revaluation, etc.” The MP blames the Yulia Tymoshenko’s government for the current situation in the country.

According to M.Azarov, as early as in September, the level of world investor’s distrust to government’s policy soared by several times. “When the government put for the Verkhovna Rada`s consideration its draft state budget for 2009 in September, all world investors gasped. The budget indicated that the government did not understand the conditions under which it worked,” M.Azarov said.


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VRU supported bill of the President

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2008

News / 29 October 2008 | 17:00

VRU supported bill of the President

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported in the first reading bill 3309-4 “On urgent measures concerning prevention of negative consequences of financial crisis and certain amendments to legislative acts of Ukraine” introduced by the president Victor Yushchenko.

248 MPs participated in voting (PR – 2, BYuT – 156, OU-PSD – 72, Lytvyn Bloc – 18, CPU – 0)


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Ukraine abolished corridor of the course of exchange – Memorandum

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2008

News / 29 October 2008 | 14:20

Ukraine abolished corridor of the course of exchange – Memorandum

Ukraine in 2009 will abolish corridor for the course of exchange of hryvnya and will limit deviation of official currency national market exchange rate up to the level of 2%.

The appropriate obligation is written in a memorandum which is concerted by the Government and National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“We (Ukraine – IMC) input mode of flexible course of exchange… In the Basic principles of monetary policy 2009 we will mark specially that we abolish the corridor of course of exchange (a preliminary measure); an official exchange rate is determined at the level of market value of course of exchange of the previous day (including adjustment during the day, if necessary, to retain it within the framework +/_ 2% of the market level)”,  specifies the Memorandum.


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President of Russia and not President of Ukraine will take up a question of the Faina

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2008

News / 29 October 2008 | 13:25

President of Russia and not President of Ukraine will take up a question of the Faina

Members of the Legislative assembly of St. Petersburg asked the President of the Russian federation Dmitry Medvedev to take over the control situation with the Faina ship of Ukraine seized by pirates of Somalia, according to the RBK.

As reported, the Faina was captured by pirates on September 25 with all the crew of 17 Ukrainians, 3 Russian  and 1 citizen of Latvia.

The ship followed to Kenya with a cargo of weapons.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine delivered a statement that according to the international practice, in case of capturing a ship by pirates the state structures do not participate in direct negotiations with pirates.”

The members of the Legislative assembly believe that such position proves feebleness of the power. According to Taras Stetskiv from OU-PSD, only Ombudsman of Ukraine Nina Karpachova is taking up this question in the country at the state level.

Leader of the National Union “Svoboda” Oleh Tyahnybok believes that Ukrainian power acts in an inefficient way showing complete disregard to the fortune of our compatriots.

“It is simply preposterous that the state do no attempts to pay ransom for its mariners or deliberate them by force. There are hundreds and thousands armed people in uniform in our country, and they are unable to carry out a military operation against Somalia pirates,” noted in his comment the leader of the National political party “Brotherhood” Dmytro Korchynskyi. 



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Tymoshenko recalls Governmental crisis management bill for the benefit of Yushchenko

Posted by the Editor on October 29, 2008

News / 29 October 2008 | 12:50

Tymoshenko recalls Governmental crisis management bill for the benefit of Yushchenko

Tymoshenko recalls Governmental crisis management bill for the benefit of Yushchenko

The prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko claimed the Verkhovna Rada upon for voting for the Presidential crisis management bill and recalled from discussion the bill of the government.

“I am very glad to recall our bill for the benefit of the Presidential one,” she declared.


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