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Yushchenko, Tymoshenko to meet Belgium PM

Posted by the Editor on October 31, 2008

News / 31 October 2008 | 10:00

Yushchenko, Tymoshenko to meet Belgium PM

October 31, 2008 president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is meeting prime minister of Belgium Yves Leterme.

The officials will discuss bilateral cooperation in political, economic and humanitarian spheres, in particular Belgium‘s support of Ukraine‘s aspirations to join European structures,

Ukraine‘s president will also raise the question of observing of the agreement on simplification of the visa regime between Ukraine and Belgium, press office of the president reported.

Yushchenko is also planning to touch the question concerning Belgium‘s support of Ukraine‘s attempts on international recognition of Holodomor 1932-33 as genocide of Ukrainian nation.

The same day prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko is also holding talks with premier Yves Leterme, who is Ukraine with an official visit, press office of the government reported.

The officials will meet tête-à-tête first, and then will hold talks with other officials and a press conference for Ukrainian and Belgium mass medias.


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