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Sevastopol youth organization wants to ban “Russian march”

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 17:43

Sevastopol youth organization wants to ban “Russian march”

Sevastopol city organization of Youth Union Our Ukraine” addressed the city authorities with a request “to ban “Russian march” planned for November 4 by fascist organization in Sevastopol.”

The press office of the Union informed that such action can cause fights between extremist and radical organizations and will assist in propaganda of racist and anti-Ukrainian ides in Crimea.

“We call the local authorities and law enforcement bodies to ban the anti-Ukrainian fascist Sabbath under the name of “Russian march” in order to prevent acts of hooliganism and to protect citizens of Sevastopol from extremists’ provocations,” the request of the Union says.

According to young “Our Ukrainians”, organizers of the so-called “Russian march” are going to use the action “to propagandize man-hating fascist and racist ideas, as well as to deny Ukraine‘s independence and Ukrainian status of Sevastopol.”


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