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Archive for October 30th, 2008

Sevastopol youth organization wants to ban “Russian march”

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 17:43

Sevastopol youth organization wants to ban “Russian march”

Sevastopol city organization of Youth Union Our Ukraine” addressed the city authorities with a request “to ban “Russian march” planned for November 4 by fascist organization in Sevastopol.”

The press office of the Union informed that such action can cause fights between extremist and radical organizations and will assist in propaganda of racist and anti-Ukrainian ides in Crimea.

“We call the local authorities and law enforcement bodies to ban the anti-Ukrainian fascist Sabbath under the name of “Russian march” in order to prevent acts of hooliganism and to protect citizens of Sevastopol from extremists’ provocations,” the request of the Union says.

According to young “Our Ukrainians”, organizers of the so-called “Russian march” are going to use the action “to propagandize man-hating fascist and racist ideas, as well as to deny Ukraine‘s independence and Ukrainian status of Sevastopol.”


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Staff of Security Service to be reduced

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 16:50

Staff of Security Service to be reduced

Till the end of the current year the staff of the Security Service of Ukraine will be reduced by 15%. Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, acting chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine stated today at the press conference in Donetsk.

According to Nalyvaychenko, “till the end of this year the staff of the Security Service of Ukraine will be reduced by 15%”.  

Valentyn Nalyvaychenko explained that “Staff reduction means that people must not go to the street, but working places, corresponding social benefits and payments from the budget must be performed to them”.


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Tymoshenko should better read Lenin – Pliushch

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 16:00

Tymoshenko should better read Lenin – Pliushch

MP Ivan Pliushch in his interview to Obkom called the Ukrainian Prime Minister a “possessed woman”, and a “mainspring”. “You know, for all the 10 years that I’ve known her (in different  roles), she has been permanently working over herself. She does not allow herself to relax”, the politician stressed.

Asked what he would recommend the Prime Minister to read, Ivan Pliushch said: “Whether she wants it or not, she should read Marx and Lenin. If Yulia Volodymyrivna read “The Development of Capitalism in Russia”, the first work of Lenin that he was writing for ten years, since 1983, she would understand Lenin and she would understand the agricultural sector of Russia and the today’s specific weight of Ukraine. He wrote as follows: Russia is an agricultural country, and its future will depend on the way its agricultural sector develops. There is a large experience. It may be divided into two mainstreams – Prussian (collective) and American (farming). Of course, the second way is more efficient, but it does not work in Russia. Because it will give birth to an army of wealthy peasants. A wealthy peasant is a ground for appearing of a small bourgeoisie. And the small bourgeoisie will never comprehend ideas of the socialist revolution, That is why, Lenin writes, we will follow the Prussian way”.


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Six political forces would enter parliament – poll

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 15:10

Six political forces would enter parliament – poll

Six political forces would enter the parliament if the election took place in the nearest Sunday.These are results of a poll carried out by the National Institute of Strategic Research publicized at a press conference in UNIAN on Thursday.ForUm

According to the results of the poll, some 21.2% of those polled would vote for the Party of Regions, some 20.7% – for the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, some 6.9% – for Lytvyn’s Bloc, some 6.7% – for Our Ukraine. A probable political force headed by Arseniy Yatseniuk would receive some 5.4%, and the Communist Party would receive some 4.6% of votes.

All the other political forces would receive less than 3% of votes.

Some 4.4% of those polled would vote against all, some 8.5% said they would not take part in the election, and some 10.6% could not answer the question.

The poll was carried out on October 20-24. 2013 respondents in all regions of Ukraine were polled. The error margin does not exceed 2.3%.

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Regionals are satisfied with Stelmakh

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 13:20

Regionals are satisfied with Stelmakh

The Party of Regions faction does not see any reasons to express distrust to the head of the National bank of Ukraine Volodymyr Stelmakh.

The first deputy chairman of the PR faction Oleksandr Yefremov informed.

“We have not reasons to express distrust to the head of the NBU,” he said, answering the journalists question whether the PR intends to support draft law on distrust to Stelmakh in case such draft law is submitted to the VRU.

MP explained that at recent session of the factions leaders with the PM and NBU head, position of Stelmakh did not coincide with the position of the government.

According to Yefremov, in case of reasonable financial policy the state can find a solution of the economic crisis with minimal losses.

As a reminder, the BYuT intends to initiate resignation of the head of the NBU Volodymyr Stelmakh.


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Cranes fall silent in Ukraine as residential construction halts

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 11:35

Cranes fall silent in Ukraine as residential construction halts

The property market in Ukraine is struggling with idle cranes dominating the Kiev skyline showing that most construction has stopped, according to PropertyWire.Having secured a deal with the International Monetary fund to shore up its faltering economy one of the worst hit sectors in Ukraine is residential property.

There are few buyers who can qualify for mortgages at current interest rates and loans from banks are scarce. As a result, developers are scrambling to raise financing for their construction projects, particularly residential, and halting work.

`The state of residential development in Ukraine is very bad. Some 75% of Ukrainians cannot qualify for bank loans and, at the same time, developers cannot secure loans on favorable terms to continue construction,` said Sergiy Maksimov, president of VAB Bank.

One struggling developer, Kiev based XXI Century which traded on the London Stock Exchange`s Alternative Investment Market, has lost more than 80% of its value since July. It has tried to sell some of its projects in the pipeline to raise cash, but thus far few buyers can be found.

The current slump ends seven years of dramatic growth for the property sector in Ukraine, during which more than one million square meters of fresh residential space were constructed annually and yearly prices surged by double digits.

The Mirax Group, a Russian developer, has halted work on its $500 million project to build Ukraine`s tallest building. Construction could resume next spring if the world financial crisis passes, a company spokesman said.

Industry experts expect falling prices. `We expect a drop of nearly 20% in the secondary and mid-class housing markets by the end of the year. Some are even predicting a 25 percent correction,` said Terry Pickard, chairman of NAI Pickard.

Experts predict the commercial property sector to do better. The amount of office, retail and warehouse space in Kiev is among the lowest per capita in Europe. As a consequence, rental rates for commercial real estate in Ukraine far exceed the European average.

`Due to the intrinsic supply and demand disequilibrium in Ukraine`s office and retail space segments, commercial real estate will weather the world-wide liquidity storm relatively well compared to the residential market,` said Sergiy Sergiyenko of CB Richard Ellis.

Gerald Bowers, general director EFG Property Services, a property investment, development and management group active in Eastern Europe, believes developers will increasingly move away from the capital city to regional cities where it is cheaper to build and there is growing demand.

`The residential market has calmed. Prices are not increasing. But prices have not deteriorated because the demand is still there. We are not going to see, as people say, the bubble burst,` he added.


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Who is left holding the bag?

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

Analytics / 30 October 2008 | 11:02

Who is left holding the bag?

Who is left holding the bag?

The Ukrainian-Russian relations have breached and this crack is turning into a deep abyss.

The war of words between Ukrainian and Russian presidents is at its zenith.

Both Medvedev and Yushchenko do not hide that they don’t like each other.

It would be nothing if they were ordinary citizens, but millions of Ukrainians and Russians depend on our presidents. And closely connected and related people cannot understand what it has to do with them.

Another question is who will lose in this absurd confrontation. The answer is ‘both’, but Ukraine will suffer more.

But Viktor Yushchenko does not listen to voices crying in the wilderness, or does not want to listen.

A roundtable in the form of video-bridge between Kyiv and Moscow took place a couple of days ago. Ukrainian and Russian politicians, political scientists and MPs were expressing their opinions on “Economy and policy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine under the conditions of political and economic crises.”

Some of the remarks and opinions were very interesting…

Svyatoslav Oliynyk, BYuT MP:

– As a deputy I work in agricultural districts. Grain elevators I’ve visited are full with the harvest. In addition, districts have extra meat products. But these products are not exporting to Russia at the moment, as due to improper political actions Russia purchase grain from other countries.

I don’t know why Russia has banned Ukrainian milk as well, but it is an example of rough political actions, which may lead to violation of economic balances.

Political rhetoric between Ukraine’s and Russia’s leaders must be put aside. Only rational pragmatism should dominate in our relations.

 Kyryl Kulikov, Our Ukraine deputy:

– The world crisis has affected the economy of Ukraine, but it has also touched Russia. Short-term debts of Russia are 524 billion dollars, while Ukraine’s ones are about 40 billion dollars.

Our state has two sources of means: European bank of reconstruction and development and International monetary fund. There are no other sources.

 The relations between our countries are politicized, but this crisis is the world one. In such difficult situation every state should be a ‘pragmatist’ and work for itself.

The economic situation in Ukraine is very complicated and too politicized, and because of this we are straying from the problems rather than trying to solve them.

Yevgen Panteleyev, minister-counsellor of RF embassy to Ukraine:

– The relations between Ukraine and Russia are often used in the internal political fights.

During frequent election campaigns one politicians use the image of Russia as of a friend, others as of an enemy. But such politicization is rather biased than impartial.

Semen Bagdasarov, Russian Duma deputy:

– Russia is very vigilant regarding the political situation in Ukraine. Our state considers Yushchenko’s attempts to obtain membership in NATO as an act of aggression.

If this policy keeps being carried out Russia will be treated as an unfriendly state in Ukraine, and this will stipulate political and economic relations between our countries.

Russia is outraged by Ukraine’s support and weapon supplies in Georgia. It is not a secret that Ukrainian militaries were helping Georgian air forces to hit Russian aircrafts.

It is obvious that the Russian Federation will open its market for more loyal countries. Why would we buy products in Ukraine, if its authorities consider us an enemy?

Kiril Cherkasov, Russian Duma deputy:

– Russia and Ukraine are two sovereign countries. May be it is time to sit down and talk as two equal partners, not as older and younger brothers.

The majority of Russians are aware of Ukrainian problems. I assure you that 90% of these problems were caused by the policy of your president. It is impossible to understand and estimate what Yushchenko has done for the past three years, having ruined the relations between the countries and people.

It is up to Ukrainians to decide further development of our relations.

Leonid Vardomski, the head of the Center of CIS and Baltic countries of the Institute of international economic and political researches of Russian academy of science:

– In my opinion, the world crisis is a process which tests economic relations between our countries.

We must simplify mutual trade relations and remove limits regarding Ukrainian goods in Russia and Russian goods in Ukraine.

It would be a relief for Ukrainian and Russian business.

Dmitro Vydrin, political scientists in Ukraine:

– I have many friends among Russian businessmen, who are doing business in Ukraine. All of them have problems with officials, their property rights are violated, and they usually lose cases in courts.

I guess Ukrainian businessmen in Russia have the same problems.

Entries into a crisis can be various – financial, economic or administrative. But the way out is always political. Politicians determine a goal, and experts and economists help them.

Ukraine’s future depends on the goals of our authorities. And in my opinion, the goals our authorities are setting are wrong.

The anti-crisis program submitted by the Cabinet of Tymoshenko will lead the country to a deeper crisis. Instead of reducing taxes and excise, as every normal country is doing now, the Ukrainian government is doing quite the contrary.


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Kyiv residents to hand over guns

Posted by the Editor on October 30, 2008

News / 30 October 2008 | 10:59

Kyiv residents to hand over guns

In November Ministry of Home Affairs of Ukraine will hold a monthly acion of voluntarily handing over of unregistered weapon in Kyiv.

Citizens having unregistered hunting rifles, live ammunitions, explosives materials and gas pistols can appeal to the organs of internal affairs to hand over voluntarily this weapon or register it in legal order, the press-service of the Main Branch of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Kyiv reports.

Voluntarily handing over of weapon releases from administrative and criminal responsibility.

According the voluntarily handing over of weapon or its registration it is necessary to apply to organs of home affairs at the place of residence.


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