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Yushchenko looses support of Ukrainians

Posted by the Editor on October 28, 2008

News / 28 October 2008 | 16:50

Yushchenko looses support of Ukrainians

The majority of citizens of Ukraine doesn’t support the activity of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. Andriy Bychenko, director of the sociological service named after Razumkov represented such data at a press conference today.

Bychenko emphasized that the situation with the support of politicians by citizens has worsened recently – Ukrainians don’t support the activity of almost all leading politicians of the country.

But President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has the worst situation. In October the support of the President has reached the lowest level. At the moment only 4.3% of respondents support the activity of the President, 13.5% people – only some actions. 75.6% people don’t support Yushchenko at all.


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