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People’s Self-Defense not to bloc with Our Ukraine at snap poll

Posted by the Editor on October 9, 2008

News / 9 October 2008 | 17:40

People’s Self-Defense not to bloc with Our Ukraine at snap poll

The People’s Self-Defense has not decided as yet the form of their taking part in the snap parliamentary election.

OU-PSD faction member Volodymyr Aryev told UNIAN today.

According to him, the final decision is due to be made today or tomorrow.

V.Aryev noted that, at present, they are discussing several variants of participation in the election, including in a form of a bloc with one of democratic forces.

At the same time, he stressed the People’s Self-Defense will not bloc with Our Ukraine under any condition.

Moreover, the lawmaker disclosed that People’s Self-Defense members tend to opinion not to take part in the election under the name of People’s Self-Defense, because this name is too closely connected with Our Ukraine.



7 Responses to “People’s Self-Defense not to bloc with Our Ukraine at snap poll”

  1. pysar said

    There are half a dozen big names lining up to join BYUT.

    Tarasiuk, Lutsenko, Chornovil to start with.

    Have not heard of anyone wanting to join NU.

    Instaed they are jumping off like rats off a sinking ship.

  2. Pysar said

    Without Lutsenko NU will not make the 3% barrier needed to be in the next parliament.

    This means Byut [24%] POR [24%] Lytvyn block [7%] and CPU [5%] will be the only parties in the new VR.

    This means BYTU 180 deputies, POR 180, Lytvyn 52, CPU 38.

    With Lytvyn and CPU supprting BYUT this means Tymosehenko would have 270 seats.

    And Yuschenko would have shot himself in the leg again as Kwasnieski has predicted.

  3. Snoopy said

    Well said Pysar. I agree 100 per cent that that’s exactly what they are: Rats jumping to save their political skins.

  4. Vic said

    Yep – even rats know when to let go of something rotten. Unfortunately Yushchenko is most at blame as even the Polish ex-pres Kwasniewski (his friend) said recently Yushchenko has shot himself in the foot! – he has not only lost popularity with the Ukrainian people but also his own party – what a shame

  5. Peter Crosby said

    I agree that if Lutsenko and Yatsenyuk bloc with BYuT then OU is likely to be finished as a parliamentary force. OU has operated as a Presidential party in parliament, undermining the division of influence between President and Parliament intended by the Constitution and bringing the personal friction between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko to the level of inter-factional warfare. The demise of OU would redress the balance and improve stablity in the Orange coalition.

  6. Pysar said

    I agree if Lutsenko and Yatsenyuk bloc with BYuT then OU is likely to be finished as a parliamentary force

    This is not just by coincidence they have decided to join BYUT.

    People can see Tymoshenko is the only hope Ukraine has and Yuschenko is doing nothing but screwing the nation.

    Just a chance if Tymoshenko with Lutsenko, Yatseniuk Lytvyn Tarasiuk, Chornovil and Symonenko supporting her BYUT will have a majority of 300 in the next parliament.

  7. Vic said

    It will certainly be interesting to see what form the orange movement will take up to and after the snap election. PoR promoted “not NATO, not Ukrainian language” issues at the last election and learnt the hard way that people do not see these issues as important – the POR lost 11% seats and failed to reap the harvest of lost Socialist seats – they will not repeat the same mistake twice – but it shows that Ukrainians are not much interested in joining NATO or Russian Fed. In fact 30% in favour 30% undecided and 40% not sure – Georgia is much the same. Without Europe’s support and threat of Russian retaliation NATO membership remains an issue gaining slow momentum in Ukraine. Although NATO membership and no Russian language are endorsed by BYUT, Tymoshenko is taking a much more calculated and politically correct approach with these issues. Tymoshenko has no monopoly on corruption – the entire VR….. “just uses the system the corrupt way it is for her(their) own benefit which she’s(thay all are) always been good at.”

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