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Simonenko: President is a luxury for a state

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2008

News / 30 September 2008 | 16:30

President is a luxury for a state

Simonenko: President is a luxury for a state

Liquidation of the post of President can save money for a state.

CPU faction leader Petro Simonenko expressed his opinion journalists.

“This year budget provides for UAH 1.2 milliard for serving the president, and the government proposes to allot UAH 1.6 milliard for the next year,” the deputy informed.

According to him, the people of Ukraine should think over where the paid taxes go – “for serving the President so he can buy airplanes at 350 million or for serving the people.”

“I think it is time to think about liquidation of such post as President and president’s Secretariat, which tries to get plenary powers of the government. It threats the development of our state,” Simonenko noted.

He believes that everyone in the Secretariat must realize that he goes there to serve the people, but not to violate the Constitution.

“Chief-of-Staff initiates almost every illegal campaign or takes steps which violate the Constitution of Ukraine and its laws,” CPU leader considers.


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