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Metropolitan Volodymyr is invited to Constantinople

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 17:40

Metropolitan Volodymyr is invited to Constantinople

The Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr of Kyiv and All Ukraine received an official invitation of His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew to visit Constantinople.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity of receiving you in Constantinople as soon as possible, in order to recompense you at least a part of the hospitality that we experienced visiting You,” it is written the letter of Patriarch Bartholomew.

“We are happy to see in the honourable person of Your Beatitude, apart from the fatherly sorrow for existing schisms, the good intention and sincere desire to make steps to meet the dissident groupings in order to abolish all the schismatic elements and to remove from the way of the Christians all the scandals arising and to straighten the roads leading to “the way, the truth, and the life” Patriarch Bartholomew ended the letter.


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Ukrainian Paralympic powerlifter expelled for doping

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 16:30

Ukrainian Paralympic powerlifter expelled for doping

Two more powerlifters have been kicked out of the Beijing Paralympics after failing doping tests, bringing the number of athletes expelled from the Games to four, organisers said Thursday, according to AFP.

Powerlifters Facourou Sissoko, from Mali, and Liudmyla Osmanova, from Ukraine, were both slapped with two-year bans for failing pre-competition drug tests, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) said.

Sissoko, 46, tested positive for the banned steroid boldenone metabolite, on September 6, the day of the opening ceremony, the IPC said in a statement. He had been due to compete on Sunday.

Osmanova tested positive for 19-norandrosterone, also a banned steroid, the statement added. The 22-year-old, tested at a training camp on August 29, was due to start her medal bid on Saturday.

The positive doping tests bring the number of powerlifters expelled to three. Pakistani Naveed Ahmed Butt, 37, tested positive for a steroid on September 4, it was announced Tuesday.

On Wednesday, German wheelchair basketball player Ahmet Coskun was kicked out of the Paralympics for taking a banned drug contained in hair loss treatment.

A statement from the German National Paralympic Committee said that although finasteride does not enhance performance, it can be used to cover up drugs that do.

Before the Games started, IPC president Philip Craven said he was hoping for a “totally clean” event but he acknowledged the doping problems associated with powerlifting.

A total of 461 tests had been carried out at the Games, both in and out of competition, by the end of Tuesday.

At the Athens Games in 2004, 680 doping tests were conducted, resulting in 10 violations.

The Beijing Paralympics, involving more than 4,000 athletes, run until September 17.


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Dovzhenko film studio celebrates 80th anniversary

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 15:30

Dovzhenko film studio celebrates 80th anniversary

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko congratulated staff of the National film studio of feature films named after Dovzhenko on the 80th anniversary.

As the press office of the President reports, in his congratulation the Head of the State noted that there were many ordeals in the history of film studio, nevertheless film directors, script writers, actors, operators, engineers and other specialists always remained faithful to their high vocation.

“I’m happy that today life is in full swing at the film studio named by Dovzhenko, shooting stage have started their work, new feature films are made which win love of the audience and represent Ukraine on authoritative international forums,” Yushchenko noted.  

In her greetings the PM noted that for 80 years the team of the studio has enriched country’s art with unique film masterpieces.

“The pleiad of famous artists who mastered and implemented achievements of the world cinematograph has grown here. Films of the studio hold deserving place in the gold fund of national and world works of art,” Tymoshenko stressed.

Speaker of the parliament Arseny Yatsenyuk also send his congratulations.

“Let me sincerely congratulate you on a significant date the 80th anniversary of foundation of your film studio!    

This date is of great significance for all the admirers of national cinematograph. Dovzhenko Film Studio has passed an outstanding creative way and gained high authority. Your film studio can take pride in several generations of prominent actors, directors, artists and camera operators. Their talent and self-sacrificing work created legendary films that occupy an outstanding place in the golden fund of national and world cinematograph. 

I sincerely wish you new creative achievements and inspiration, so that you can enrich glorious traditions of Dovzhenko Film Studio,” Yatsenyuk’s congratulations say.

The film studio was formed in 1927-1928. The film studio named by Dovzhenko occupies the territory of more than 17.5 hectares, there are eight shooting studios. One of them has an area of 2520 square meters and it is the biggest in Europe.


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Kyiv to host Black Sea Fleet talks September 25 – 26

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 14:30

Kyiv to host Black Sea Fleet talks September 25 – 26

Russia has granted consent to the date and venue of negotiations on the functioning of its Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Embassy press service reported.

The negotiations were initiated by Ukraine with the official delivery to Russia of technological patterns for border and other kinds of control of the fleet personnel and equipment.

Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Leonid Osavoliuk explained to Russian embassy counselor Vsevolod Loskutov the mechanism of that control, calling for steady observance of the procedure by the BSF.

The procedure reinstated by the recent presidential decrees and government resolutions for Ukrainian border crossing by the Russian fleet was introduced back in 1999 and abolished three weeks after introduction. In 2000, it was replaced with the notification rules effective until recently.


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1.5 thousand Russians illegally received Ukrainian passports in Crimea

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 13:50

1.5 thousand Russians illegally received Ukrainian passports in Crimea

The Sevastopol Prosecutor’s Office has established that more than 1.5 military men of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, who are citizens of Russia, illegally received Ukrainian passports.

According to “Breeze” TV-radio company of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, on instruction of the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine, the Sevastopol Prosecutor’s Office probed into legality of giving Ukrainian passports to military men of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. The inspection established that 1595 Russian citizens, servicemen of the RF Black Sea Fleet, illegally received Ukrainian passports and became citizens of Ukraine.

According to the information of the Sevastopol Prosecutor’s Office, it turned to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s Sevastopol Directorate with demand to remove discovered violations of the Ukrainian legislation by Russian military men.



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There will be more traffic jams in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 13:35

There will be more traffic jams in Ukraine

Production of cars in January-August has increased by 34%, in comparison with the analogous period of 2007, – to 306.0 thousand of cars. The State committee of statistics of Ukraine reports.

The production of buses in Ukraine in January-August has increased by 37.9%, in comparison with the analogous period of 2007, – to 7568 buses.


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Good bye, Viktor?..

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

Analytics / 11 September 2008 | 13:04

Good bye, Viktor?..

Good bye, Viktor?..

Many political scientists and politicians state that the attitude towards Viktor Yushchenko has changed in both Ukraine and abroad.

Having had great support of millions of people in 2004 Yushchenko contrived to decreased his rating from 53% to 3-4% because of his tactical and strategic mistakes, including weapon support to Georgia. Yushchenko managed to quarrel with everybody around, his allies and neighbours.

The West also does not hurry to express strong support. European countries make verbal statements, but don’t take any practical actions. Sometimes the European leaders even don’t mention their support, but our President hears them anyway.

Let’s remember both summits in Bucharest and Paris, when European countries refused Ukraine the membership in the NATO Action Plan and European Union. But for Yushchenko the refusal of the NATO membership became “a great victory” as well as the failure during the Paris Summit was named as “an absolute success, achieved by our state”.

After such “tricks” of the President the western sponsors of Yushchenko begin to understand that may be they have bet on a wrong figure

Vitaly Portnikov, political commentator:

– Now, after the Russian-Georgian conflict, we can speak about President’s future.In 2004 Yushchenko was a social Prime Minister, who paid salaries and pensions, who fulfilled social programs. But he never became a social president. Every promise was a failure – prosperity, fight against corruption, normal conditions for business development.


In 2004 Yushchenko was not an anti-Russian candidate for presidency. But after Tskhinvali, the whole world saw his real face – he hates Russia, he wants to join NATO in order the Alliance protect Ukraine from Russia.

Vadym Karasyov, a director of the Institute of global strategies:

– I don’t think that Yushchenko’s career is over. In my opinion Yushchenko is carrying out the project of national kind. He is a supporter of strong state power and united country. Tymoshenko and Yanukovych are more interested in power, but not as an instrument.

Yushchenko’s rating is falling due to various reasons, and one of them is that the presidency he took over is party and political. He does not have people ready to focus on realization of the national project.Tymoshenko and Yanukovych are rating leaders. Yes, they are strong political figures and leaders, but the rating based on pure rating, without any national project, can be easily lost, while the state leader can win it back.


Ihof Zhdanov, a president of the analytical center “Open politics”:

– Having become the president Yushchenko promised equal rules for representatives of big business, without exception. He promised to decrease taxes so everybody could pay. Unfortunately the things have not changed.

Despite Yushchenko’s pledges, success of financial and economic groups depend on a proximity to the power or a distance from it.

Absence of adequate results in economics and the constant squabbles within the coalition have caused such galloping falling of his rating.

Yushchenko does not have support either in Western or Eastern Ukraine. The President has minimal chances to be re-elected for the second term of presidency. If BYuT and the Party of Regions finally form a coalition, they might adopt some changes to the Constitution and limit the power of the President.

Volodymyr Fesenko, the president of the Center of applied political researches “Penta”:

– Talks about final political fiasco of the president are untimely. His political life is not over. He is the most contradictory figure.

For a long time he had been a classical ideological and political conformist adjusted to different situations. He was pressed and shaped, but inside he remained another person, with his ideas, views and positions he was thoroughly hiding. Then he became the President and we saw different Yushchenko – cultural nationalist. It is cultural nationalism he is trying to impart in the country, though yet unsuccessfully.

According to his close follower Oleh Rybachuk, Viktor Yushchenko has changed. The power and poisoning changed him and influenced his psychology.

Yushchenko is a fatalist. He is convinced that he is led by the hand of destiny and that he can do nothing but this hand will show a miracle.

It would be difficult for him to regain the rating he has lost. Yushchenko has become a victim of overestimated expectations and of myth image, which was created around him. Real image and myth image in people’s mind do not match. And this drama and conflict, which Yushchenko survived and overcame, is waiting for Yanukovych and Tymoshenko.


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Russia accuses Ukraine of ‘unfriendly’ policies

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2008

News / 11 September 2008 | 12:50
Russia accuses Ukraine of 'unfriendly' policies

Russia accuses Ukraine of ‘unfriendly’ policies

Russia on Thursday condemned Ukraine`s “unfriendly” stance over the war with Georgia and efforts to restrict Russia`s Black Sea fleet which has a based in Ukraine, according to AFP.“Ukrainian authorities have recently been pursuing policies that cannot be seen as anything other than unfriendly towards Russia,” the foreign ministry said in a toughly-worded statement.
Western officials have expressed concern that Ukraine`s large ethnic Russian population could leave it exposed to intervention from Moscow after its war in the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia.
Russia said it was defending Russian nationals when it sent in troops to halt a Georgian offensive on South Ossetia.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko last month raised tensions by imposing restrictions on the Russian fleet, requiring ships to seek permission at least 72 hours prior to crossing the Ukrainian border.

The announcement, which came after the Black Sea fleet took part in armed conflict with Georgia, also called for talks on the future of the fleet`s base in the southern port of Sevastopol.

The Russian foreign ministry statement said the fleet — based on the predominantly Russian-speaking Crimean peninsula — was “a stabilising factor both for relations between Russia and Ukraine and in the context of regional stability.”

“The rights of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine are being abused and there is a policy targeted at excluding the Russian language from the public life of the country,” the statement said.

Russia also accused Ukraine of siding with the pro-West government in Georgia, saying: “We have not heard words of pity or compassion on the death of civilians in Tskhinvali and of Russian peacekeepers.

“On the contrary, the Ukrainian president has tried to blame Russia for the bloodshed,” it said, adding that Ukraine bore responsibility for casualties because it had supplied Georgia with arms.





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