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Symonenko has a “medical” question to Yushchenko

Posted by the Editor on July 31, 2008

News / 31 July 2008 | 16:00

Symonenko has a “medical” question to Yushchenko

The faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine will take part in consideration of any draft amendments to state budget only for the sake of interests of Ukrainians.

According to the CPU press-service, Communist leader Petro Symonenko claimed this to a press conference in Chernihiv.

“We, the faction of Communists, will very attentively consider the proposed draft amendments to the budget. We will support financing all social programs, with allocating additional means aimed at overcoming natural disaster consequences in the western Ukraine, and developing domestic production, machine-building, agricultural sectors”, Symonenko said.

At the same time, he stated that CPU will not support amendments to state budget, which stipulate to significantly curtail the financing of medical branch.

“Let the President explain the nation, on what grounds they insidiously removed 113 million hryvnias from the [program of] financing the development of the Medical Academy of Sciences. To put it mildly, I’m surprised with the disproportional allocation of 160 million hryvnias for medical treatment of those ill with tuberculosis in Ukraine, and 200 million hryvnias for “invigoration” of officials”, P.Symonenko said.


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