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Great Britain to invest in Crimea

Posted by the Editor on July 15, 2008

News / 15 July 2008 | 12:28

Great Britain to invest in Crimea

Chairman of the Crimean Council of
Ministers Viktor Plakida and British Ambassador to
Ukraine Leigh Turner discussed perspectives of cooperation in the
resort-recreational sphere.

During a meeting, they also
discussed cooperation in the energy and transport spheres, issues of the visa
regime and development of interethnic relations on the peninsula.

Speaking about attraction of
investments into the Crimean economy, the Crimean Council of Ministers Chairman
paid attention to possibility of investing the funds into construction and
reconstruction of highways, participation in modernization and expansion of the
international airport Simferopol, and solving the
issues of the water supply and the drainage system.


One Response to “Great Britain to invest in Crimea”

  1. British Tourist said

    The British Government needs to do much more then just pay lip service and pretense to its “disgraced” visa regime when it comes to issue visitor visa to Ukrainians.

    The Embassy staff and its new UKVisa system is a shame. Many Ukrainians are still being denied on the false assumpmtion of probabilities that they will not return to Ukraine when visiting Britain.

    The British Government recently announced that it was “freeing up Visits to Britain for Ukrainians. This is a false and misleading statement. The British Embassy in Ukraine continues to manage a policy of denial to anyone seeking a visa to visit Ukraine for tourism (Non Commercial) and trumps out its balance of probabilities assumption whilst charging what is sti9ll a rather expensive and prohibitive cost for a visa application. The Information and documentation on their web site remains a mystique to all except the initiated and commercial interests. Documents that the requested are more often then not in the correct or desired format and in many cases are a breach of civil rights and in most cases unjustifiable.

    If the British Government are serious about “Engaging Ukraine” then it must initiate a serious review of its Visa assessment process and not just engage in PR exercises and window dressing.

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