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Posted by the Editor on July 7, 2008

News / 7 July 2008 | 12:44

Yushchenko is against charitable aid to courts, while Tymoshenko

Yushchenko is against charitable aid to courts, while Tymoshenko

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko sent a letter to the Prime Minister expressing concern regarding the level of anti-corruption actions in the country, as the President’s press office reported to ForUm.

More than once Yushchenko said that in Ukraine corruption is one of the problems which need most urgent solutions, because it produces a great danger for the democracy, realization of the supremacy of law and development of civil society.

A number of decrees of the President of Ukraine were directed for settling of the indicated questions, namely “About certain measures to improve the forming and realization of the state anti-corruption policy”, “About certain measures to prevent corruption in courts and law enforcement agencies”, “About the decision of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine of April 28, 2008 “About measures to realize the state anti-corruption strategy and to provide institutionally the integral anti-corruption policy” which contain the respective rulings to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The President is greatly concerned about the stage of implementation of these acts. At the moment, the Cabinet of Ministers has not worked out and has not offered to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft laws about declaration of income and expenditure of persons, authorized to fulfill state functions, and members of their families; about the creation of a single state register of judicial and physical persons that were answerable in administrative or criminal court for corruption actions; about prohibition to assign charitable aid to courts and law enforcement agencies and prohibition for courts and law enforcement agencies to receive pecuniary, financial, organizational and other charitable aid.

In his letter the President pays attention of the Prime Minister there were no anti-corruption expertise of the draft projects, prepare by the executive bodies, though there is a special post of the government authorized representative on the questions of anti-corruption policy.

In this context the President has to state the ungrounded inactivity of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding the creation of effective preventive anti-corruption system and development of complex measures to resist this phenomenon.

Moreover, to liquidate grounds for corruption, according to Yushchenko, it would be reasonable for the Government to abolish or reconsider own regulatory acts, which set payment for the services, provided by the agencies of state power and local self-government.

Yushchenko suggests strengthening measures in this direction and implementation of the respective decrees of the President. The Head of the State requires to be informed personally.


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