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USA: Ukraine and Georgia are not ready to join NATO MAP

Posted by the Editor on June 9, 2008

News / 9 June 2008 | 15:56

Ukraine and Georgia are not ready to join NATO MAP

USA: Ukraine and Georgia are not ready to join NATO MAP

Ukraine and Georgia are not ready to join NATO yet, believes US Ambassador to alliance Victoria Nuland.

Ukraine and Georgia have set a strategic goal – to join NATO, still at the latest alliance summit held on April 2-4, in Bucharest they were not included into NATO MAP, the decision is put off to December this year.

‘No member of NATO can say Ukraine and Georgia are ready to join the alliance,’ said the ambassador.

The USA support joining of the two states to MAP, stated Nuland, as it is an ‘educative program of NATO, which assists to implement democracy and reforms, settle internal problems, both countries still have, for they were ready to the alliance membership.

According to US Ambassador, the time, Ukraine and Georgia will be at the format of MAP, depends on them, RIA Novosti reports.

‘I believe that if Ukraine and Georgia are included into NATO MAP, it will take years, said Nuland. ‘There is much work to be done.’

‘The time it will take will depend how quickly the internal problems are settled, and how well we can cooperate. Still I can promise you one thing when NATO is ready to offer Ukraine and Georgia membership in the alliance, they will have been more stable, more democratic and more peaceful your (Russian) neighbors,’ summarized USambassador.

As ForUm reported, at the NATO summit in Bucharest held on April 2-4 2008, the including of Georgia and Ukraine to the NATO MAP was put off to December. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said that Georgia and Ukraine will become members of the alliance in future.


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