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President: There will no early parliamentary elections

Posted by the Editor on May 30, 2008

News / 30 May 2008 | 14:31

There will no early parliamentary elections

President: There will no early parliamentary elections

There will be no early parliamentary elections in Ukraine. As the ForUm’s correspondent reports, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stated at the NSDC sitting.

“We live not in surrealism, but in everyday life and we must answer the challenges of this life,” the Head of the State said.

Yushchenko confessed that he understands those who are disappointed in the results of Kyiv elections.

“We must remember that the country is not a series of the constant elections… It concerns the executive power. The executive power is the power which executes,” he emphasized.

The President promised that there will no another early elections in Kyiv.


One Response to “President: There will no early parliamentary elections”

  1. UkrToday said

    Fine what about earl;y P-residential elections. By saying their will not be earl;y parliamentary elections could mean two things. 1,. There will be a realignment of political forces or 2 Yushchenko will implement under some fabricated excuse a Presidential coup under the disguise of the NSC, Early Presidential elections are the only way to end the divisive power struggle between Ukraine’s democratically elected parliament and its unconstitutional president. Yushchenko is the next cab off the rank. Now is the time for hims to face the people and seek renewal of his fledgling mandate.

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