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Factions leaders agreed “political agreement”

Posted by the Editor on February 29, 2008

News / 29 February 2008 | 15:00

Factions leaders agreed

Factions leaders agreed “political agreement”

Leaders of factions agreed protocol of mutual understanding. On March 4 unblocking of the VRU is expected. The VRU chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to him, all factions except CPU agreed text of political agreement. In case nothing unexpected happens, this document will be submitted for signing by factions leaders on March 3.

Yatsenyuk noted that political agreement includes protocol on mutual understanding and schedule of VRU sessions.

As to NATO issue, the decision was made to withdraw all registered draft resolutions and to adopt new variant which was agreed today by representatives of parliamentary factions.

Yatsenyuk also noted that on March 4 in the work of the parliament is unblocked, the President is going to make his annual speech in the parliament.


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