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President greets NATO-Ukraine working group

Posted by the Editor on January 31, 2008

News / 31 January 2008 | 16:40

President greets NATO-Ukraine working group

President greets NATO-Ukraine working group

President Viktor Yushchenko sent his greetings to the participants of NATO-Ukraine Working Group on Civil and Democratic Control of the Intelligence Sector 6th meeting which is being held currently in Kyiv, president’s press office reported.

“Ukraine is continuously working on reaching its strategic goal – full integration with European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Reforming whole defense sector and establishing effective civil and democratic control over intelligence sector is a very important part of the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of our country,”  the President wrote in his address.

Yushchenko also expressed belief that shortly Ukraine shall reach the best international standards of security and intelligence. That will give the state the opportunity to make more substantial efforts into fighting international terrorism, organized crime, corruption, human, weapons and drugs trafficking. Thus Ukraine shall be a reliable partner for NATO and Alliance’s member states.


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