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President is confident in democratic powers

Posted by the Editor on December 28, 2007

News / 28 December 2007 | 13:00

President is confident in democratic powers

President is confident in democratic powers

During “National priorities” annual press conference President Viktor Yushchenko expressed his confidence in democratic coalition and government successful work. “I think we have a unique opportunity to present new, concerted and effective work of democratic forces during next two years,” Yushchenko said, president’s press office reported.

Answering the question about common presidential contender from democratic powers President said that that issue is currently out of agenda. “Currently we have a slightly different task before us. We must demonstrate successfulness of government and democratic coalition work, ability of the whole team to build up normal mutual relations”. Only after achieving that to President’s mind it is reasonable to raise up a question of participation in presidential elections.



One Response to “President is confident in democratic powers”

  1. The deception of Incumbency said

    Incumbency is powerful perception of deception.

    Yushchenko’s “Democratic Coalition” is democratic in name alone. Yes it will appear that the parliamentary majority and the office of teh president and united in direction but is that direction the right one?

    The divisions and political conflict of the past was primarily initiated by Yushchenko on on more then one occasion acted undemocratically. Yushchenko’s polices are most certainly not democratic. The main issue is Yushchenko’s proposed return to presidential rule by decree as opposed to Ukraine adopting a full parliamentary democracy in line with European Standards.

    Party of Regions and other polictal parties in Ukraine Must decide their position on this fundamental question and begin to campaign and advocate for a European Standard democracy and the rejection of the mistakes of the past and the return to a presidential dictatorship.

    Europe also should make its position Clare. if Ukraine truly wishes to join the European Union then it should follow in the footsteps of its neighbours and implement a parliamentary system. Europe should make it clear that all member states should be Parliamentary democracies and that those states that are not paraliamnetray democraces should not be considered for full membership other then associate membership.

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