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Holub: Yushchenko tries to “lower Tymoshenko’s demands”

Posted by the Editor on October 31, 2007

News / 31 October 2007 | 17:52

Holub: Yushchenko tries to “lower Tymoshenko’s demands”

“I consider Yushchenko makes such statements on Universal pact, playing some game with Yulia Tymoshenko and trying to lower her appetites and ambitions. In such a way Yushchenko shows that wide coalition is real in case he makes such decision,” the People’s deputy from CPU Olexander Holub commented on President Viktor Yushchenko’s statement on possibility to sign a new Universal pact of national unity, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to Holub, Yushchenko understands that confrontation in society did not disappear after early palriamenatry elections. “The main person who pushed society to the split was Yushchenko. That’s why he tries to pretend that his aspirations were different,” he said.

Answering the question, whether CPU signs new Universal pact, Holub said it would depend on ideas of this Universal.

He admitted that previous Universal pact was technology step that allowed Yushchenko to save his face, having nominated Yanukovych for Prime Minister position. That Universal pact did not play any role.

As a reminder, Viktor Yushchenko stated that he would appreciate idea on new Universal pact


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