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Lutsenko voted "for young and powerful" (photo)

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2007

News / 30 September 2007 | 20:50

Lutsenko voted "for young and powerful" (photo)

“Leader of “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc Yury Lutsenko has voted at election districts ¹101/ “It was a very tense but important election campaign,” he summed up an election process by request of journalists.

Lutsenko did not hide that he had voted for his own political bloc “for young and powerful politicians”. Lutsenko considers that three main political forces will definitely form the parliament and does not exclude that there will be one more political force in a new parliament.

He is convinced that these elections will be a nice chance for political responsibility and obligations. Answering the question on possible falsifications, Lutsenko noted that taking into consideration recent political atmosphere in Ukraine, level of political conscious has been increased significantly and possibility of falsifications is being decreased.


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