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PR suspects president’s team of falsifications

Posted by the Editor on August 31, 2007

News / 31 August 2007 | 17:31

PR suspects president's team of falsifications

PR suspects president’s team of falsifications

Suspension by the President of Cabinet resolution on improvement of citizens registration system opens way to falsifications of elections on September 30. Raisa Bogatyryova the PR faction leader said that today at a briefing, the ForUm‘s correspondent informs.

“There is no objective data on electors in Ukraine. Previous elections showed it when millions of citizens could not vote. To prevent this in future the VRU adopted a law on February 22, 2007 on state list of electors that had to come into force since October 1, 2007,” she said.

According to her, after President’s decree on elections, “threat of falsifications concerning absence of real data of electors appeared again.”

She noted that additional check of Interior Ministry proved that 12-15% of citizens of Ukraine do not live at the address where they are registered.


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