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BYuT is sure that SPU blackmails PR

Posted by the Editor on July 31, 2007

News / 31 July 2007 | 16:42

BYuT is sure that SPU blackmails PR

BYuT is sure that SPU blackmails PR

People’s deputy of V convocation Oleh Lyashko (BYuT faction) considers that coalition of national unity was collapsed de facto when the President and the PM agreed on early parliamentary elections. He said that today in an interview to ForUm’s correspondent.
According to him, representatives of SPU blackmail Party of Regions by coalition collapse. It is proved by the fact that PR will participate in elections and SPU, knows about its loss, makes everything for elections not to take place. “SPU will not be able to change the situation as the PR is interested in these elections. PR hopes there will be less political forces in the new parliament and it will be easier to agree and to usurp power,” he said.

As a reminder, SPU considers that statements of some PR members concerning their refusal to participate in the VRU session, can contribute to loss of unity in the coalition. SPU does not exclude that it can lead to stop functioning of the coalition at all.


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