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Promising words on TV

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

Analytics / 16 July 2007 | 16:37

Promising words on TV

Promising words on TV

Despite election campaign has not started yet, Ukraine has seen address of the President Viktor Yushchenko to the people on TV. This social advertising proved critics of Yushchenko’s opponents who consider it political advertising and agitation. Soon BYuT’s advertising appeared on TV. In turn, Party of Regions struck a response blow. Later, “Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” bloc and Lutsenko began their TV agitation.

“We strove for changes!

Ukraine has believed in future!

Everybody remembers how we chose the President. It was a moral choice.

I know that many of you disappointed that I acted not strict enough to use such special moment.

Everything is not so easy.

I tried to unite politicians. I called Government and Verkhovna Rada leaders to work together with me in order to make changes. But they have refused.

Instead, they aspired to obtain more power and concentrated only on own interests.

That’s why I dismissed Verkhovna Rada and appointed early parliamentary elections.

I will not give up!

There will be no Universals (Unity pacts) anymore!

There will be elections, because there is time to act in a new way!

There is time for changes!”

Viktor Yushchenko

President of Ukraine

“Are you tired of policy? Do you think your electors forgot about you but fight for power?


There is a struggle between our political team and several clan families who misappropriate ¾ of national wealth of Ukraine.

They, having power of money, have destroyed victory of Maydan. Don’t be naïve! They are indifferent to what language you speak, whether Ukraine is independent or transforms in a new Soviet Union, weather we are in NATO or not. They are only bother how much money they make by Ukraine.

They are shadow owners of your enterprises. You vote as they say. They buy TV channels and manipulate of your mind and choice.

But I believe that you will break this exclusive circle at elections and there will be a life in Ukraine! Despite I used to be disgraced much, believe that I am always with you in this struggle. Your time for victory has already come!”



“For last year our leaders have proved much.

Viktor Yanukovych and Party of Regions have proved that they have experience and management traits of results achievement!

What have leaders of “Orange” revolution proved? –They are politicians who cant work together with the Government. For them power is more important than improvement of life of ordinary people.

Protect you future!

Viktor Yanukovych and Party of regions! – proved effectiveness for Ukraine!”

“Politicians consider themselves higher than their citizens.

President Yushchenko demands changes.

People’s deputies immunity must be cancelled in order bandits not to hide in the parliament. The parliament is place where laws are made but not to hide.

Our Ukraine has already refuse People’s deputy immunity. All responsible politicians must do the same.

Verkhovna Rada must work for the Ukrainian people but not to serve clans interests.”

“Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” bloc.

“It used to seem that evil was invincible. Evil seized position by position. Betray and corruption became characteristics of time. At this decisive moment we have traveled all over the country and resumed belief of people in their power. We have not allowed evil to deprive us of future!

The President felt people’s support and dismissed Verkhovna “Zrada” (betrayal).

We forced politicians to unite in order step by step to make new country.

It is time for changes!

Truth will win!”

Yury Lutsenko

Katerina Burlak


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