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President signed memorandum with business leaders

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 16:37

President signed memorandum with business leaders

President signed memorandum with business leaders

President Viktor Yushchenko on Saturday signed a cooperation memorandum with Ukraine’s business leaders and sent it to the Government with a request to make a plan for its implementation within the next month, President’s press office informs.

Although Ukraine’s economy grows steadily, no serious reforms are introduced, which impedes the country’s economic development. The President and those who signed the memorandum agreed to join their efforts to make these reforms faster. They believe it is important to adopt a new tax code to reduce taxes and introduce other tax innovations.

The document also focuses on energy issues, particularly how to ensure the stability of natural gas supplies. They also agreed to regulate commodity markets in a more predictable way and make sure property rights are protectedeffectively.

The tycoons assured the President they would invest in strategic national projects.


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