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People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 17:30

People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?

People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?

The President’s Secretariat proposes to restore benefits to Ukrainian citizens at the expense of benefits cancellation of the People’s deputies. Head of the Service on Relations with the VRU and the Cabinet of Ministers Yan Bernazyuk said at a briefing on Monday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“It would be reasonable to review benefits to government employees, first of all, to the People’s deputies,” he said.

According to Berezanyuk, it concerns the right of out-of-turn apartment receiving, spa treatment, free passes in any means of transport, free of charge parking and additional material help during new work search.

Yan Bernazyk noted that “the Secretariat needs about two weeks in order to make full list of means and sources of their inpayments”.


2 Responses to “People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?”

  1. Gene Nelson said

    I have a difficult time understanding how parties can merge for an election, but after the election they can go their own way. It makes no sense for a small party to run with a major party for the election, but then have the right to go their own way after the election. If they run for election with another party, they should be forced to merge with that party or run for election on their own.

    I see nothing wrong or improper for parties that qualified for the VR forming coalitions after an election.

    If PR needs to form a coalition with the Communists to obtain the majority in the VR…they will not hesitate to do so.

  2. Gene you continue to demonstrate your inability to understand how the system works. In theory the parties can not”go it on there own” unless there is an agreement. The imperative mandate provisions that Yushchenko is supporting and PACE wants abolished requires that any member elected to a “bloc” must remain a member of that bloc. That does not prevent individual members from crossing the floor and voting the other way. Clearly an alliance between minor parties in order to gain representation is in the minor parties benefit. I would expect that the Socialists will try and form such an alliance as will other minor parties that seriously want to gain some representation. It is a question of who you trust to form a marriage of convenience.

    It could be that the alliance will agree to vote as a bloc on questions of forming a government, budget supply or questions of confidence in a government. other then that each party may be granted freedom to vote independently.

    There is nothing strange other the the constitutional enforcement. it is designed to encourage parties/groups and individuals to form alliances before the election. The formation of a bloc before the election should not be confused with the formation of a governing coalition.

    In theory a governing coalition must be made up of electoral blocks that represent a working majority of the elected parliament. if common sense revasils we will see a independent representative block form. Hopefully seeking party Viche elected to parliament.

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