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Chernovetsky to destroy Kyiv culture?

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 15:00

Chernovetsky to destroy Kyiv culture?

Chernovetsky to destroy Kyiv culture?

People’s deputy from BYuT faction Mykola Tomenko blames Kyiv authorities for taking actions that destroy Ukrainian culture. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to Tomenko, today Kyiv loses its status of the capital of Ukrainian education, culture and spirituality. He noted that the team of Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky started campaign “For Kyiv without Ukrainian culture”. Tomenko noted that such threatening processes started from destroying of historical objects of Kyiv and cancellation of agreements with Kyiv publishing houses, art and culture organizations. Many art galleries, museums and publishers are going to be evicted.

According to Tomenko, despite decrees of the President and resolutions of the Governmnet, the process of closing of art and culture establishments is going on.

Tomenko noted that Kyiv has never faced such threat of destruction and transformation of its culture and historical part as it is now.. It is necessary to defend cultural Kyiv from expansion of Chernovetsky’s team


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